Hong Kong welcomes every tourist with an iconic Skyline, a legendary kitchen and a protected nature where colorful traditions and endangered species thrive is one of the best holiday destinations. Over 70% of the Hong Kong geography is mountains and the whole city is filled with the country parks. The whole city kitchens can fulfill whatever your gastronomic desires. With a vast range of varieties like Chinese, Japanese, French, Sichuanese the city worships the god of cookery. With several adventurous sites, everyone must see these Hong Kong tourist attractions. Hiking on the deserted islands and volcanic regions will make your day as a memorable one.

Here are some must visit Hong Kong tourist attractions:

Clock Tower:

The red brick and granite tower is standing 44meter tall has become one of the finest Hong Kong tourist attractions. The region around it has phenomenally developed commercially. Now the Clock Tower sport has become the meeting spot for many of the living citizens.

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

In the vicinity of the clock tower the Harbour city shopping mall, the famous Peninsula hotel, The Hong Kong culture center, and the Hong Kong art museum add beauty to the region commercially. In the Hong Kong tourist attractions tower is one of the best places to enjoy the harmony of lights show and beauty of the spectacular skyline.

Hong Kong Disneyland:

Hong Kong Disneyland is a unique experience in Hong Kong tourist attractions. Cruise ride in the jungle river, raft ride to Tarzan’s tree house, splashes of water in Liki Tikis of adventure land. Rides on the fantasy animals and trains of the fantasy land, will entertain and bring out the child in us.

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Magic arts, events in magical nights and parades with classy characters will make your entire journey in the Disneyland ease.

Ocean Park Hong Kong:

It’s a marine life theme park featuring thrilling rides, events with animals and magic shows. Without any relaxation in your journey, you cannot explore the entireness in Hong Kong tourist attractions. The two main attraction sites are connected with cable car and with a train trail.

A chance to meet Australian animals, with a beautiful bird theatre, spending time with penguins which feels like in arctic region and exploration of the underwater sharks and many thrilling experiences will happen in the park.

The Peak:

The Peak is most popular in Hong Kong tourist attractions. It’s visiting worth more than just for shopping and dining. To get to the top of The Peak the ride on the Peak tram is necessary, the experience of a ride in one of the world’s oldest and yet functioning railways will be amazing.

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

The building offers 360-degree astonishing panoramic views. The Sky Terrace 428 is the best beautiful spot to see that one could not miss, an added fantasy to these Hong Kong tourist attractions. The Sky Gallery, work was done by the city’s talented artists are displayed.

Temple Street Night Market:

It is one of the liveliest night markets in Hong Kong tourist attractions. While the sun is setting down, the traders have laid out their ware shops, opera singers and fortune tellers start to emerge. The market is a surviving example of the theatre and festival nature of Chinese market.

The place is best suitable for buying cheap goods and you can get any kind of seafood in simple bowls on the streets.

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