The city is abundant in the galleries, nightlife venues, adventure spots, monuments and so many Berlin attractions you can find in the city. With the peaceful greenery in the parks and battling ideologies of the city makes it as one of the fascinating holiday destination ideas in the world.

You can view all the Berlin attractions by taking a simple bike ride along with your family or friends. Here are some beautiful destinations to visit on Berlin tour.

Reichstag’s Dome:

The iconic glass dome constructed on top of the Reichstag building. It symbolizes the reunification of Germany. The building was designed to be environmentally friendly. To utilize the energy efficiently, the daylight through the mirrored cone glass reduces the carbon emissions.

Berlin Attractions

The dome is a unique landmark of the Berlin attractions, wherein the Reichstag building a number of collection artworks are displayed. Temporary painting exhibitions also are exhibited there to recognize the talent in the city. Guests with prior registration can enjoy the delicious lunch and dinner in the building.


Once, the Grunewald was the largest forested area on the west side of the city. Now it has become the frequently visited place for the relaxing walks and the boat rides in the lake. As one travel deep into the forest, they come across the Lindwerder Island. One can enjoy the brewery place on the top with the wonderful views of the Berlin attractions.

Berlin Attractions

Except for winter all seasons in this is filled with the hand-gliders fly in the sky. The main attraction at the place is its man-made hills, vantage points for looking out the entire city. One of the most peaceful places in all the Berlin attractions.

Berliner Dom:

The Berlin cathedral church is also called as Berliner Dom, one main landmark, and Berlin attractions. The interior design of the church is decorated by the elaborated ornamental designs, which are worth seeing. The interior architecture is done using the white marble and onyx altar with some piece of notable works.

Berlin Attractions

There is a painting of the descent of Holy Spirit which is also a worth seeing. Many of the visitors stop in this monument to see these marvelous works, ornamental mosaics, impressive statues and gold features.

Picnic in the Park:

When you consider seeing the Berlin attractions on your visit, you are feeling like you are visiting your hometown. To experience the city like that you must have to have a picnic in one of the parks of the Berlin.

There are some magnificent and beautiful parks in the city. Tiergarten, with the offerings of biking, running, ponds and some beautiful sculptures here and there. Templehofer, a former airport turned into the park. Like this there are many green parks are available in the city, when you explore the city you can also find them along with the other Berlin attractions.

The Berlin Wall:

One of the most compelling Berlin attractions, which barely exist now. But the remaining pieces of the wall still attract thousands of visitors every year to know the actual story of this world war memorial. Those left out physical fragments will tell you about the western politics, culture, and society at the time of the war.

Berlin Attractions

This memorial is an existing evidence for the torture that city has undergone during the war times.

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