Encompassed by tourist destinations like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel is the country of Jordan. In spite of the fact that it is plainly in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan can feel more liberal, dynamic and safe than some of its neighbors. Thus, it is the perfect tourist spot for the individuals who need to investigate this part of the world. A beautiful vacation to Jordan offers the opportunity to visit antiquated urban communities, respect brilliant rock precipices, see confined betrays and even swim in the Dead Sea.

Best Places to Visit in Jordan:


Only south of the capital is Madaba,which is composed of several best places to visit that draws the attentions of the visitors from all around the world. This fantastic Madaba is a residential community known for its religious structures and its antiquated art. Most eminently, it is known for the Madaba Map, a mosaic from the 6th century that demonstrates a guide of Jerusalem and other sacred locales.

The Madaba Map is found in St. George’s Church. In case you’re occupied with the historical backdrop of Madaba, then make sure to visit the Madaba Archeological Park and also the Madaba Museum. To see all of these attractions and more in a solitary vista, move to the chime tower of the Shrine of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, which can offer staggering top views.

Dana Nature Reserve

For the beautiful landscape and the opportunity to climb in nature, the Dana Nature Reserve is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Jordan. Your base will be the fifteenth century town of Dana, which has remained to a great extent unique and brags a couple convenience and feasting alternatives, should you choose to make it an overnight trek. What makes this wonderful tourist spot more unique is that the Dana Nature Reserve is to climb in the hold, moving up and down space gullies and valleys. The scene is excellent and unblemished, that let you to enjoy the beautiful views and a lot of outstanding photography scenic spots.


Other than the Dead Sea, the main waterfront in Jordan is found in Aqaba, the country’s just port city. Aqaba is in some cases called the window onto the Red Sea, and it has for quite some time been one of the best places to visit on the nation. Aqaba has an extraordinary mix of old and contemporary, permitting you to visit the fourteenth century Aqaba Fort or letting you to experience the luxury accommodation, five-star resorts that has been the top among the best on the planet. Ayla is of specific note, since it is a little settlement from the 6th century that is astoundingly all around protected. Aqaba is additionally a prominent place for scuba jumping guideline and guided makes a plunge the Red Sea.


In case you’re looking for the place composed of castles, then Al-Karak worth your visit. The city of Al-Karak, otherwise called just Karak or Kerak, is situated in Southern Jordan. It is referred to for its noteworthy Christian populace and in addition its astonishing stronghold. Al-Karak is home to the Citadel of Kerak, which was before a Crusader fortress. After being scoured, the beautiful castles was left in vestiges for almost 500 years. Some rebuilding work has occurred, and you can visit the castle to see the parts that have been reestablished. In the lower part of the stronghold is the Karak Archeological Museum, which brags a noteworthy gathering that clarifies more about the district’s history.


Amman is also one of the best places to visit in the capital of Jordan, and it is additionally the biggest city, the historical and the cultural hub that explains more about the nation. On your trek to Jordan, you will probably sometime in Amman that definitely worth your visit and effort. There are bunches of Roman remains to be found in Amman, with the highlights including the huge Roman Amphitheater and the Nymphaeum. The Citadel is certainly justified regardless of a visit, as it is home to some imperative neighborhood structures like the Roman Temple of Hercules and the huge stone Ummayad Palace. In case you’re at the royal residence for the muezzin call of prayer, you can hear and see an astonishing display in the city underneath you.

Desert Castles

In Jordan’s Eastern Desert, located east of Amman, there is a gathering of eye catching castles that can be find out with lots of mesmerizing sightseeing. These structures were developed by the Umayyads, and many were utilized for barrier and additionally a place for the Kaliffs to stay. It was through this system of mansions that the Umayyads could live and flourish in the unforgiving desert scene It is possible to see several of these desert castles on a single day of driving. The circle can take you to the dark shake and mosaics of Qasr Al-Hallabat, the ongoing archeological site of Hammam as-Sarah and the extraordinary frescoes of Qasr Amra.

Dead Sea

Although a large portion of Jordan is landlocked, it shares one little bit of drift with the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the most minimal point on the planet, 430 allots (1,400 feet) underneath sea level, and the saltiness level is amazingly high. The Dead Sea likewise has various memorable and religious ties, and it was the site where the Jesus was supposedly purified through water by John the Baptist. It is additionally one of the best places to visit for unwinding, on the grounds that the water is loaded with minerals and the high saltiness makes it simple to coast on your back. The most ideal way to visit the Dead Sea is to stay at one of the luxury resorts at the northeastern end of the ocean. Here you can experience a spa treatment, watch the nightfall over the water and even see the night lights of Jerusalem.


At the point when many tourists and visitors consider Roman remains, they picture tourist destinations in Europe. Jerash, in any case, is home to a beautiful accumulation of Greco-Roman ruins. Visiting Jerash today means having the capacity to see points of interest like Hadrian’s Arch, which goes back to the second century, and the Hippodrome, which has the one of a kind arrangement of being one of the littlest Roman hippodromes ever built. An extraordinary place to begin your time in Jerash is at the Jerash Archeological Museum, which gloats a staggering collection of artifacts and makes a stunning showing with regards to of clarifying the ascent and development of the settlement of Jerash in hundreds of years past.

If you are from outside country, Make sure to have international driving permit and Explore all the places and pack a picnic to the best places to visit in Jordan. Enjoy!

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