There are several places across the world where you can easily backpack for little money, while still experiencing varied cultures and authentic cuisines. Read on to know about the best backpacking spots in the world.

BackpackingBackpacking is the perfect way to explore every corner of the world without having to spend a fortune. If you are wondering the top places to visit on your next trip, here are some of the best backpacking spots as shared by travel aficionados.

1. Thailand

To enjoy this beautiful country on a budget, go to the northern areas and inland. Breathtaking landscapes and tropical oasis greet you with just a few dollars a day. If you are willing to share your accommodation, dorm rooms are available at around $3 a night. Thai food is quite cheap and a filling meal right off the street will cost you a little over $1.

2. Albania

One of the top places to visit, Albania offers spectacular Mediterranean views, historic structures and culture without the high costs of Greece or Italy. With just as many beaches, museums and cities, Albania makes for a great alternative to explore Europe without spending a lot of money. A room here is priced at around $20 per night and a cheap meal will come to less than $5.

Top Places to Visit3. Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers a wonderful way to experience the beauty of Central America without the high prices of nearby Costa Rica. Accommodation in and around the place will cost just around $10 per night for a dorm stay and local cuisine will cost you just a few dollars per meal.

4. Nepal

Boasting some of the highest peaks in the world and thousands of treks and backpacking trails, Nepal is a land of mountain vistas and endless skies. The trails are filled with temples, houses and lodges that provide cheap accommodation and food. Kathmandu, the capital city boasts several cheap hostels where you can get a stay for as less as $2 a night. Easily one of the best backpacking spots.

5. Vietnam

A backpacker’s haven, the country offers plenty of sights and activities at low prices. A dorm accommodation can be found at less than $3 per night and meals will cost you even less.

Best Backpacking Spots6. Bolivia

South America is no longer cheap, but there are some great spots that backpackers can enjoy. Bolivia, one of the top places to visit has plenty of South American charm and scenic locations that you can enjoy on a budget. Accommodation here will cost you around $5 per night and you can get a meal for a couple of dollars. Bolivia is definitely one of the best backpacking spots in the world.

7. Portugal

A stunning coastal destination for backpackers, Portugal offers breath taking scenery, wine tours, delicious sea foods, charming festivals and friendly locals. You can begin your trek at Porto and trek towards Algrave, the southern-most region of the land.

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you would be bereft of the best sights of the world. In fact, much of nature’s bounty and beauty is best experienced on a backpacking trip. These best backpacking spots are sure to be an incredible experience for every traveler who undertakes the journey to them.

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