Oslo is unquestionably the most costly place I’ve visited in my lifetime. That is to say, so costly you may end up reviling at your bank statement subsequently. There are much number of things to do in Oslo which will make you busy throughout your trip.

Though it is very expensive, this city is glittering with strangely gorgeous, lovely local people hot, blonde, Adonis-like animals. To the tourists and visitors from all around the world, they may appear somewhat peculiar; yet gaining those Norwegian Krone implies they can afford to remain looking great. There are many popular tourist attractions to pleasure your eyes like Norway and Switzerland, that definitely a bliss to the visitors.

This beautiful city itself locates on the Oslofjord and is a blend of beautiful cultural and historical beauty. The most alluring thing of Oslo is the trendy, recovered range of Tjuvholmen, which is stuffed with historical centers, beautiful exhibitions, modern architecture and first class restaurants. The greater part of the things to do in Oslo base on beautiful museums you can see Edvard Munch’s The Scream at the Munch Museum, see a gigantic ship at the Fram gallery or scratch your head in perplexity at Damien Hirst’s bovines in formaldehyde at the Astrup Fearnely Museum.

Here I have listed of some cool things to do in Oslo you should have in your bucket list.

There are many things to do in Oslo as you can find out many contemporary art gallery collections from the most famous artists. The Astrup Fearnley Museum has many unique and rare collections that houses works from specialists, for example, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Situated alongside the water in Tjuvholmen, the beautiful museum is part into two sections one building houses the perpetual collections, while other houses is composed of mesmerising collections where young people can acquire knowledge. There are heaps of bare bodies and peculiar establishments, that definitely captures the attention of the visitors coming over there.

Things To Do in Oslo

Walk Around Aker Brygge

On a sunny day it’s pleasant to stroll along the fountain and take a ride on the boat with the large pool. Aker Brygge is a contemporary, car free range with decent shop, restaurants, bistros and bars. This is an expensive area located among the town but you have the money it’s pleasant to have dinner outside one of the restaurants and watch many local people walking around.

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House is considerably greater than the opera house in Sydney. The best thing about it? You can walk everywhere throughout the thing! Snatch some food and sit on the rooftop to experience the awesome perspectives over Oslo. It is the world’s first opera house with fantastic unique collections and just a perfect spot where you can stroll up onto the rooftop! Beautiful eye pleasuring views from the rooftop extend the extent that the eye can see over Oslofjord and the encompassing islands.

Omakase At Alex Sushi

Alex Sushi is thought to be the best sushi restaurant in Oslo, and that draws the taste of many tourists and visitors with its delicious taste. If you go there at night you can just get Omakase so for 450 NOK (£45) which is so affordable to enjoy that aweful taste.

Coffee and Cocktails At Fuglen

Fuglen serves amazing coffee and tea during the daytime, then changes into a mixed drink bar by night. Open since 1963, the beautiful interior designed with unique arts and architecture of Scandinavian from the 1960s and everything in there is available to be purchased. A truly cool spot!

Take a Stroll In Frogner Park

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, go for a walk in the excellent Frogner Park. On a perfect summer day Oslo’s most famous and the greatest recreational park is loaded with individuals, so pack an excursion and experience the daylight. Here you’ll additionally discover the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is brimming with the most bizarre statues which looks appealing to the visitors. The most notable point of thing in the park is a 46ft stone monument made up of 121 human figures rising towards the sky.

Munch Museum

Here you’ll experience a vast accumulation of impressionist paintings and arts from Norway’s most popular and the well talented artists. This museum has been composed of many Munch collections that have been saved for many years. If you are visiting with your family there are many things to do in Oslo Munch Museum that definitely worth your visit.

The Royal Palace

Located in the downtown area, the Royal Palace is the official living residence of the supreme Norwegian Monarch. You can just take a photograph from outside, or you can organize to do a one-hour guided visit through the delightful State Rooms amid the summer months.

Fram Museum

The Fram Museum is devoted to the story of Norwegian Polar undertakings. The main feature of the display is the ship they utilized for these travel, otherwise known as the Fram. You’ll discover the beautiful destinations on the peninsula of Bygdoy, and around here there likewise various different historical centers including the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Viking Ship Museum. This the best option for those love to learn history stuffs as they definitely love its collections.

Visit Grunerlokka

Toward the northeast of Oslo you’ll discover Grunerlokka, a best in class neighborhood loaded with vintage stores, unique cafes, and many restaurants serving the delightful dishes. There’s a bohemian, urban vibe here, so it’s certainly worth exploring if you wish to have a change.

Holmenkollen Ski Museum

Norway is a nation that is known for delivering world-class skiers, both downhill and cros scountry. What better place to find out about skiing than the Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower. Tourists can find out around 4,000 years of skiing at this exceptional unique, situated inside the Olympic ski hop. They can ride to the highest point of the ski jump tower for enjoy the mesmerizing views of the beautiful city Oslo from the top. This Ski Museum definitely will not disappoint you.

Overall, if you head toward this beautiful city, you get to find out lots of things to do in Oslo. Enjoy your trip.

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