If you are searching for the view of your life in your trekking, then you must do the Peru travel, it is one of the perfect holiday destination ideas. With the soaring peaks, serene waters and tradition around in every turn, you make Peru deserves a visit from everyone in the world. The history of the place is 5000 years old, visit the remote residents you will be amazed by the ways they do the small things in their life.

Peru travel

The one existing question in the visitor’s mind is what to eat during their Peru travel, well spices in the food and the Amazonian chocolate your belly will be taken care off. Here are some destinations in Peru you should visit during your Peru travel.

Machu Picchu:

For many visitors in their Peru travel, Machu Picchu is the highly anticipated destination. It is the best-known archaeological site and for the trekking, in the continent. The region set in subtropical forests, providing the protection for the endangered species.

Peru travel

Hike on the mountain trails, the train trip through the valley of the Urubamba river and the right angle for the trip photograph will make your Peru travel days as the most memorable. The forests are in the location are combined with the wilderness park to make the endangered species life ease.


The region is guarded by the three dramatic volcanoes and frequently affected by the earthquakes. But the city’s architecture is made of the local white volcanic rock, has so far withstood what the earth had thrown on it.

Peru travel

With the beautiful landscapes, the place introduces you the renewed gastronomic spicy dishes, that you ever tasted in anywhere in your Peru travel. If you appreciate the art, the Sumbay caves near to the Arequipa, have some fine piece of the cave art.

Islas Uros:

The floating islands on the Lake Titicaca are one of the top attractions on one’s Peru travel. The islands are constructed on the lake layer by layer by the Totora plant and are constantly replenished from the top as they rot from the bottom. This is what the reason for the ground to be soft and bouncy.

Some other islands are artificially designed with different shapes like archways for the tourist purposes. This has led to huge commercialization of the islands.

Islas Ballestas:

The islands lie on the southern coast of Peru and the only way to get there is a boat ride. Protect yourself against the wind and sun since none of the boats have a single cabin.

After a one-hour cruising ride on the ride, you reach the rocks of the island where you can see the sprawl of large herds of sea lions. This is the only place on your Peru travel where you can have close sight of the wildlife of Peru like Pelicans, Penguins, and cormorants and if your luck favors even dolphins.

Cordillera Blanca:

The world’s highest tropical mountain range and one of the most astonishing parts of the continent. This part is generally visited for the trekking and climbing tours in your Peru travel.

Peru travel

The place has made tourist spot due to the wonderful consecration of the 6000m mountain cliffs. Mountains, lakes, valleys and hundreds of different landscapes will fall in front of you if you continue to explore the place.

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