A great Swedish-American poet described the Chicago city as “the city of big shoulders”. The city carries many world-class museums, industrial ventures, cultural attractions and many scientific destinations to visit on the Chicago tourism.

Chicago tourism

The city is radiating lots of energy in the form of tourist spots which are one of the best holiday destinations.

Here are some places to absorb that energy in the Chicago tourism:

Millennium Park:

The park is an unprecedented center for the world-class art, architecture, music and landscape design. The best place to experience interactive public, ice skating, fresco dining and classical music concerts. The Harris theatre and the Pritzker pavilion makes the nights musical and will be a unique experience of the Chicago tourism.

Chicago tourism

The crown fountain, Lurie gardens are filled some colorful images and beautiful flowers respectively. The bean-shaped architecture “the cloud gate” inspires many architecture buffs during the Chicago tourism. The Millennium monument boasts ice making machines during winter, whose state-of-the-art withstands whole warm winter weather also.

Shedd Aquarium:

The Seahorses and Seadragons are bred at the aquarium. If you have a chance for Chicago tourism, you must visit the aquarium which will help you in an exploration of seahorses and sea dragons. You can find the endangered species like Sea otters, which were saved by the museum staff.

Chicago tourism

The Shedd aquarium has Octopuses which copper-rich blue blood pumping with three hearts. Shedd aquarium arranges food for over 32000 animals, which is grown in their organic gardens. This aquarium has a rehabilitation center for the treatment of animals.

The Field Museum Natural History:

The Field Museum Natural History is a unique museum in the Chicago tourism, which not only involves the exploration of the history but also the science events are conducted to educate the children. Overnight stays for the children 6-12 ages are arranged at the museum to educate them about the dinosaurs.

There are many things that you cannot run out at the museum to explore, from dinosaurs like T-rex to mummies in the ancient tomb. 3D movies are displayed to enhance the perception of the children.

Lincoln Park Zoo:

Anybody can learn about the wildlife and endangered species from any book during their Chicago tourism. But, the Lincoln park zoo is trying to save and protect those endangered species like Crown Lemur. And it has been adding new animals to its empire from then, like the Brown-throated three-toed sloth, quokka, ostriches and plain zebras.

The zoo also conducts many events for the visitors like breakfast with the animals, wine & wildlife, run for the zoo with the luminous lights spreading all over the ground for the family celebrations and holiday season activities.

Chicago Riverwalk:

The Riverwalk presents you the opportunity to embrace the beauty and spirit of the Chicago River. You can miss the important visit of your Chicago tourism, but you should not miss the Riverwalk. Since it offers the treasure of joy to you, you may enjoy that through many ways of your own.

Chicago tourism

The exploration of the Chicago River on the local boats is another unique experience. The breeze of the river winds will be coming opposite to you while you are on the ride. That moment you never forget about your Chicago tourism.

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