The Twelve Apostles is a collection of stacks which is a geographical landform consisting of a steep and vertical column of rock near coast formed by erosions caused by wind. It is located near the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular travelling destination. There are eight Apostles left at present and the ninth one collapsed in 2005 which occurred in July. In the Australian tourism industry, the name still remains significant and spectacular especially

The apostles were formed by wind erosion due to extreme weather conditions collecting soft limestone to form caves which then became arches up to 50 meters. Now because of this erosion only ten are remaining. The site was known as the Sow and Pigs i.e. sow was the Muttonbird Island and Piglets were the smaller rock stacks or the Twelve Apostles. The formation eventually became known as the Twelve Apostles, despite only ever having nine stacks.

There’s no better place than world-famous Twelve Apostles sit to lose life’s daily stress and worries and seeing the natural beauty of the world. These limestone pillars rise out of the Southern Ocean in Port Campbell National Park. They were also linked to the mainland long-time back. They were made by the following stages. The waves carved them into caves, then arches, and gradually distributed them down into columns that rise up to 45 meters high.

The fierce reduction continue to gradually destroy at a rate of three-quarters of an inch (two centimeters) a year approximately. Today only eight stacks remain and some have given up the fight against nature in recent years. The London Arch was part of offshore natural arch formation until 1990 when the arch closest to the shore collapsed which left two stunned tourists stranded. .Another 50 meters tall Apostle gradually collapsed in 2005.

It can make a person experience strong and feeling of full of energy by seeing the coastline connected with the extreme winds and large seas. One can feel the ocean foaming and hear the blowholes as they gush out in sudden and forceful stream. People can also view the Twelve Apostles morph in shadow to glorious grey colored monuments in the sun. You’ll be astonished to see gigantic rock stack while following the gibson steps 230 feet down the face to the sand So, this is definitely a must go travelling destination if you are in Melbourne area and you will enjoy the road drive beside the great ocean.

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