If you’ve been waiting patiently for a revolutionary new booking technology to make your online flight ticket purchases easier and faster, you’ll be excited to learn that the developers at Fantasy Interactive have put together an impressive new airline site interface that drastically streamlines and simplifies booking any kind of travel accommodation. The new approach to travel booking UX design provides an impressive contribution to the industry and has already been recognized and praised by a number of leading web design magazines and blogs.

Pioneering an Inevitable Change

DesignRush recently put together a review of Fantasy Interactive’s airline site template, thoroughly covering all the advantages that the new interface has over traditional booking systems. When you stack up all the improvements next to each other, it becomes blatantly obvious that the commercial arrival of such a solution was really only a matter of time. While airlines and travel sites have been historically slow to adapt to changes in UX theory and design, with Fantasy Interactive providing a promising blueprint for an indisputably superior booking platform, the company is positioning itself as a pioneer in a site design niche that has been practically begging for a change.

Helping the User Based on More than Just Price

While conventional booking interfaces prompt you to compare deals based primarily on price sorting, Fantasy Interactive’s airline site template gives all factors equal weight and speed within the interface. That means that there aren’t any long loading times to contend with when sorting a list of flights based on the preferred criteria. For example, users can find all flights that are departing from a specific airport within a specific time frame. Following the popular graphic design trend of ultra-responsiveness, all data is pre-loaded into a responsive database when the user arrives, so sorting and customizing the interface occurs almost instantly and without those annoying loading wheels or bars that we’ve all become accustomed to.

Why is Advancement Taking So Long?

Considering how powerful our mobile devices are and how far app design has come within the past five years alone, it’s a wonder how we’ve gone this long still using archaic booking systems that are almost exactly the same as their equally inferior predecessors. Some skeptics have speculated that many airline and travel sites keep their processes convoluted and time-consuming on purpose, in order to keep site visitors on their pages longer. Although the longer page visits may contribute to higher search engine rankings, the slower processes are ultimately detrimental because they cause sites to lose a percentage their return visitors. An additional reason for the delay would be that many large companies are inherently reluctant to change, especially when it means deviating away from what seems to be a working formula.

Mutually Beneficial for Airlines, Comparison Sites, and Users

Overall, Fantasy Interactive’s airline site interface has the potential to make online travel booking more enjoyable for everyone involved. The end user will, of course, love the newfound convenience and simplicity, while the airlines and comparison sites will reap the benefit of more loyal users and more possible transactions per day.

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