All real money top online casino game players are aware that it is necessary to plan ahead. All the top internet gamblers operate with a set bankroll. This helps them to spend within their means. Even though most people go on holiday in December, there is a small group that holidays outside this season. This is sometimes because of work commitments. However, there are great numbers of holidaymakers that find it better to holiday outside this period. In particular after the Christmas holidays.

Why Holiday after December

The reasons to holiday in January or February are wide. We have gone ahead and listed the top reasons. Some of which you may not agree with but we are sure that they will make sense.

1. Most resorts have very small numbers of visitors that come in January. This means that the service at the holiday destination is better since they can concentrate on the few clients present. It is a rare occurrence that ordinary customers get VIP treatment, except at australian casino online.

2. The prices of the resorts are slightly lower outside peak periods. This is to try and attract customers during “dry” periods. There is low business during these periods and it is better for the resorts to reduce their profit margins and get bookings than to remain empty.

3. There many reasons to travel outside the holiday period but the top one is that the area is best to visit in January. This may be because nature is at its best during that time in that region.

Best Holiday Spots for January

There are several places in the world that are great to visit after December. These areas are too many to list all of them in this very short post. Therefore we have narrowed down the list to what we think are the top places. For the sake of not ranking the places, we have not numbered them. Because they are all so awesome.

  • South Africa
  • Burma
  • The Gold Coast, Australia
  • Brazil
  • Nicaragua

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