Check out the following two best spots in Belgium and enjoy your trip.

Bruges Travel Guide

Located in northwestern Belgium, Bruges is one of Europe’s most healthy medieval cities, boast an old world charm and romantic atmosphere. Once an important center for Flemish art and textiles, Bruges today is best known for its stunning canals.

BrugesBruges could also be the most important town in the West Flanders province, but it is still small enough to explore by walking. The most attraction in Bruges is the postcard-perfect Old city. Enclosed by picturesque canals and medieval walls, the historic district is teeming in stunning old architecture including Romanesque and Gothic churches just like the Church of Our Lady that houses a Michelangelo sculpture, and also the Basilica of the Holy Blood, that claims to possess a vial of blood from Jesus Christ. The city’s most notable landmark is the Markt sq. belfry. Guests will climb this 13th-century bell tower to admire spectacular views of town.

Must-do activities in Bruges include visiting the museums, that exhibit the city’s culture, traditions and art works by notable Flemish artists. Strolls down cobblestone streets provide dozens of shops selling delicious chocolates, Belgian beer and traditional lacework. Scenic canal cruises are readily available, while horse-drawn carriage rides present romantic experiences.

A wide variety of restaurants offer a range of fabulous food from pizza and pasta to the popular local dish of fries served with mayonnaise. From theaters and concert halls to pubs, bars and clubs, tourists will discover an animated nightlife in Bruges.

Brussels Travel Guide

BrusselsKnown for its diversity of sites and places of interest, Brussels is the capital town of Belgium and is probably going where visitors will begin their sightseeing. As the headquarters of the many European institutions, Brussels may additionally be considered something of a capital for the European Union. Most notably, the Grand Place is the city’s center and was established in the 13th century. Terrace cafes and pubs are plentiful around this central square, as are alternative sites of interest like the gorgeous Gothic style Town Hall. Shopping is plentiful amid the Galeries St. Hubert, a centrally located glass-roof arcade filled with shops, cafes, and theaters.

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