Mistakes New Expats Should Try to Avoid

So to make a differentiation when you actually move to a different country you become an expat. When you are traveling places, often changing cities quickly, you are a traveler. I have had the experience of being an expat a few times and I can offer a bit of advice for a few things to […]

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The Wildest Party Bars outside of Europe

A previous article had just talked about some of the wildest party hostels that grace the continent of Europe. Well… the rest of the world was a little jealous to be left out and they had to pipe in to show that they know how to party as well. Australia, South America, and even South […]

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The Wildest Party Hostels in Europe

You could care less about the Louvre, Gaudi, or that guy that cut off his ear all you want to do is get trashed and hopefully get laid in Europe. While the following listing of hostels will help you right on your way. Each of them is known for proving more than enough opportunity to […]

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Tips for how to Spend Christmas as an Expat

For a lot expats, especially the new ones, Christmas time can be one of the harder times of the year. The holiday season is when families get together to be festive. When you’re thousands of kilometres away that is not going to be possible. So the traveling expat has to find some new ways to […]

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Seaweed-Powered Airplane

From London to New York on the Seaweed Express in 90 Minutes Seaweed Powers Plane to 3,000 MPH Zehst Rocket Plane Will Fly From London to New York in 90 Minutes In 40 short years or less, people will fly from London to Hong Kong in about two hours on a rocket plane that will […]

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City Stop Hotels

Savvy world travelers know that every major city has a cozy little family-run hotel that oozes personality and offers significant savings over those sterile, corporate-owned cubicles.  HostelBookers have identified some cozy hotels in popular urban vacation destinations. London Start your day with a complimentary buffet breakfast at the Central House Hotel in the fashionable Royal […]

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Connect with Nature in Sydney’s Many Public Parks

There are few things I enjoy doing more than exploring big, bustling destinations on holiday, but I think constantly being surrounded by crowds of people for a few weeks can feel a little overwhelming. If you are going on a city break, I recommend you get some fresh air by heading to its public parks. […]

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The Feasibility of Travel Relationships Lasting…

Traveling is an amazing time where feelings of passion overwhelm you and it is perfectly natural for you want to share those feelings and connect with people around you. The result often is traveling relationships being forged. These relationships aren’t just hook ups they are built on real feelings and connection. Having had a few […]

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Things to do in Dublin – New Year’s Eve and Beyond

Dublin is something of a party capital no matter what time of year people visit, but New Year celebrations tend to be particularly fun packed. The 2012-13 celebration is set to be another barnstormer, with a range of events and acts for all ages – some of which proved so popular last year that they’ve […]

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Stressed Out? Go on an Escape

  Life has built-in stress factors that are unavoidable. No matter who you are, you are sure to hit a snag or two somewhere as you progress through life. But don’t let it get to you. There are lots of ways to ease the tensions and frustrations you’ll face. Whether your stress is brought on […]

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