Check out the following places in Phuket Island and have a blast.


Perhaps you do not have the time for correct diving lessons. Snorkeling provides a pleasant and simple different, particularly in Thailand where the clear waters make wonderful conditions. Several boat tours include snorkeling stops around the islands, and you may spot no end of magnificently coloured fish, sea urchins, and other fascinating creatures.Snorkeling

Island Boat Tour

You may be tempted to lounge on the beach for your entire stay. But if you are willing to exert simply somewhat effort throughout your island getaway, sign in for an island tour to find the delights near Phuket. Particular mention should be fabricated from Maphrao, Nakha Yai and Nakha Noi as well as Koh Bond, Koh Kaeo, Raja Noi and Raja Yai, and at last little Poo Island on thegeographic region off Hat Kata.

Three Beaches View

This aptly named vantage offers guests la lovely view of three of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches. When viewed from above, the beaches do seem to resemble the number three. You’ll be able to reach the perspective by traveling on the branch road before of Kata Noi Beach in a southwesterly direction toward the southern tip of the island.Kata Noi Beach

Wat Phra Thong at Thalang

This temple is steeped in local lore, and houses a half statue of Buddha that was broken during a Burmese invasion. Legend has it that a boy was minding a water buffalo, which he tethered to a piece of metal protruding from the ground using a hemp rope. Suddenly the boy died, but appeared to his father in a dream and told him about the piece of metal. The father began to dig and came upon a statue of Buddha cast in pure gold. The Buddha could not, however, be completely excavated and so a temple was built on the site in 1785.

When the Burmese conquered Thalang, a second attempt was made to dig up the statue at which point it broke in two. One half disappeared, but the other still stands in the temple today. The gables and windows of the temple buildings exhibit rich carvings.


Phuket DivingMany people come to Thailand with the specific intention of obtaining their scuba diving certification. Koh Tao is the preferred place to get their training, but Phuket offers many options for PADI courses. Some will take you to Koh Phi Phi, another famous island, and other equally beautiful locations. Costs for PADI certification courses tend to be lower in Thailand than in other countries, so visitors can take advantage of the low rates while doing some once-in-a-lifetime underwater sightseeing.

Have a blast!

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