What’s the first that springs to mind when you think if Ibiza? I bet I can guess – clubbing.

Well, whilst you’d be right in a lot of cases, partying isn’t all Ibiza is about. Head east to Santa Eulalia and you’ll find an altogether more chilled-out, family-orientated affair – a real breath of fresh air from the hedonism of San Antonio.

Summer flights are plentiful and there are many cheap deals to be had. Thankfully, Ibiza Airport is only a short drive away, which I always find useful in summer temperatures! If you’re feeling adventurous, I’d recommend hiring a car and getting out and about around the island – it’s a great way to explore and see more.

Airport parking is one added extra I always use whenever I fly, and I’d definitely recommend looking into this service, to save money and add convenience to your Ibiza break. I’ve previously used Stansted Airport parking, and would definitely recommend it, with great deals on offer. The service is offered UK-wide, so if you’re flying north of the border, you’re not forgotten – check out parking at Edinburgh Airport and see for yourself.

Santa Eulalia is a calm and picturesque town, with a pretty promenade, perfect for a wander and a spot of people watching. However, for me it’s all about the beach, and there’s two to choose from, with plenty of opportunities for water-sports – a great cool-down in the summer heat. A trip I always partake in, wherever I go, is a boat trip and be sure to do this too. Not only do you get a better tan, if you remember the sun-cream, but the view from the boat is breathtaking.

Alternatively, fans of history and architecture are in for a treat, with a 16th century church to explore. However, I’d be more inclined to hit the shops and especially the market in Es Cana. For serious shopping, Ibiza Town is where you really need to be heading.

Ibiza’s night-life is legendary, and if you want to sample the best of the action, then you can easily jump on the dedicated clubbing bus and head over to one of the local super-clubs. However, if you’re staying in Santa Eulalia, I’d imagine it’s because you don’t really want the all-night partying. The resort has plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you occupied.

Whatever your choice of activity, laid-back Santa Eulalia is perfect for a summer break on this pretty and sun-drenched island. Cut your costs where possible, especially with my suggestion of airport parking, and you’ll save Euros too.

Santa Eulalia shows that Ibiza is not just about partying all night and sleeping all day, in fact, this beautiful island has so much to offer, it would be a crime not to see it for yourself.

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