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A Hostel or a Hotel


So you are out travelling and its time to find a place to lay your head down for the night. A question that needs to be addressed is whether you are going to stay in a hotel or a hostel? Depending on your age, financial resources, and wishes for your trip both have their pros and cons each of which we will discuss here in this blog post.

 Your own space or value?

 Let’s face it, so much in life comes down to economics and the resources of money that each of us has at our disposal to use. If you have a lot of money for a trip then your options for accommodations are much broader. Paying the additional cost for a hotel will give you the benefits of cleanliness, security, and privacy. Each of these things are commodities however and they cost more and more as they increase. If money really is a tight thing, and or, you want to extend the trip you have taken as far as you can perhaps a hostel is for you. Hostels work better for a person traveling on their own cost wise and socially, but the more people in your group the more cost effective hotel rooms become.

plane-news-crewMeeting people or cleanliness?

One of the greatest aspects of hostels is the opportunities it provides to meet other like minded travelers. Though it may feel a little awkward sharing a room with seven other people it also affords you the opportunity to quickly meet them. Also, hostels usually have a hostel bar of common room where people socialize which serves the same function. In particular for travelers on their own the opportunity that hostels give to meet people is key. On the other hand, close proximity to so many people means varying levels of cleanliness in the rooms (there is the new threat of bed bugs too) and bathrooms. When you stay in a hotel those issues are addressed and you are in a clean environment, but there is little to no chance for meeting other people traveling.

They each have their time and place

The reality of this comparison is that both the hotel room and hostel bed have their time and place. If you are on a trip with your significant other the privacy of a hotel room is going to out way the sociability of a hostel. Conversely when you are traveling on your own on a limited budge the hostel bed will be better suited than the comforts of a hotel. Employ them both in the right situations and you will have more diverse and fun travel experiences than if you just “always” do one or the other.

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