The most important aspect of any trip is to stay safe. Memories will be tarnished if there is any moments that you are really endangered or if you get robbed. Now the reality is there is no way to totally prevent this, as there isn’t either in your home country, but there are ways to reduce the chances. This blog will cover that topic along with discussing a few tips for how to use public transport in foreign countries.

Tips on how to stay safe

– Don’t carry your passport on you. Keep it locked in a safe, hostels usually have them, or hidden away. Still carry a copy of your passport folded up in your wallet or backpack in case of emergency.

– Don’t have all your money and your cards in one single spot. This way if you were to get pick pocketed you won’t lose everything at once.

– Trust your gut. If you are approached by people and it doesn’t feel right get away from the situation as quickly as you can.

– Always stay vigilant, without being totally paranoid, while in foreign locales.

– On the days of travel, either arriving or leaving places, be sure not to be drunk. This will make you vulnerable when you have to be your most alert.

– Consider, especially in the third world, not traveling with a lap top. Though they are not as frequent there are cyber cafes all around the world.

– Don’t flash any wealth. Don’t wear jewelry, don’t show off an expensive camera, and don’t display big wads of cash while paying for things. Showing these things can make you a target.

– While traveling on long distance bus or train rides keep all valuables close, preferably right on you. Do not ever leave them in the luggage compartment or hold.

Tips for taking taxis and other transports 

– Try to find out from locals, or at your hostel, the prices for taxis. Depending where you are there is a decent chance you will get ripped off at least once before you know the real price. Take that as a learning lesson.

Connecting to the first point, if the cab is not using a meter negotiate the price before departing. If the cab driver will not do this get out and find another one.

– Pay attention how the locals get on buses, how luggage is stowed and the correct way to get and give your ticket. Each country has a different procedure on these things.

– On a long bus ride during the breaks always keep an eye for the driver. Don’t doddle and get back on the bus quickly. Last thing you want, or need, is the bus with your backpacking leaving without you.

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