These days, we really are spoiled for choice when we travel, because there are so many different options to choose from; from where to go, to how long and when, travelling is a luxury that everyone can afford.

But the age old question still remains; do you prefer to take the plane, and fly with your favourite airline, or do you prefer to travel via your favourite cruise ship company, such as Princess Cruises? Here are a list of pros and cons of both to help you decide how to travel.


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Flying has long been seen as a convenience for many people, as travelling by plane costs a lot less than it used to and it’s possible to fly to a number of destinations around the world for really very little, especially if you book several months in advance. Flying is also a very fast way to travel, and a flight from the US to the UK can take less than 10 hours – thanks to the advent of new technology, it could soon be even quicker.

Flying – Cons

However, one of the cons of flying is every traveller’s nightmare: delays. Bad weather, strikes and other factors can all affect flight times and lead to lots of fed up passengers. Also, planes are notoriously cramped places and long haul overnight flights can be especially uncomfortable.

Cruises – Pros

Unlike planes, cruises are not usually seen as a convenient way to travel, as they take much longer to arrive at destinations, but this means that the passengers can enjoy time to enjoy the many attractions on board, from live entertainment, to exercise classes, to swimming in one of the on-board pools. As technology has improved, cruise companies, such as Princess Cruises and P&O Ferries have added more and more options for passengers to enjoy. There are also different types of cruises that give passengers the chance to find a cruise that will suit their tastes, budget and timeframe.


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Unlike flying, cruises are notoriously expensive, and as previously mentioned, take a lot longer to reach their destination, so they aren’t the best option for those that need to get somewhere fast. Also, they are not the best option for those that suffer from seasickness, as the water can get quite choppy in stormy weather.

 So, which way so you prefer to travel? Let us know in the comments.

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