The city of Salzburg, Austria, is found near the border with Southern Germany. Salzburg offers great day trip for the tourist from all over the world and also best known for its melodic ties, since it is the origin of Mozart and in addition the backdrop for the famous film The Sound of Music. The Austrian city is likewise home to staggering arts and architecture, which incorporates the castle called Schloss Hellbrunn and the famous Hohensalzburg Castle. Keeping in mind this awesome tourist spot to completely value the Austrian culture, landscape and history, try to include a couple of the following great day trip from Salzburg to your travel list.

Great Day Trips from Salzburg


A 45-minute drive west of Salzburg will bring you over the German fringe, into Bavaria and straight to the lake known as Chiemsee. Inside the lake itself are three noteworthy islands, one of which is called Herreninsel that would definitely be the great day trip from Salzburg. On this island, you’ll locate a complex of illustrious buildings referred to aggregately as Herrenchiemsee. These structures were worked under the orders of King Ludwig II, and they are among the most imperative arts highlights in Bavaria that captures the attention of every tourists. You won’t have any desire to miss a great day trip through the Neues Schloss, which was designed according to the Palace of Versailles in France. Encompassing the castle there are delightful gardens and also an amazing sculpture collection.

Zell am See

Zell am See is a famous wellbeing and tourism resort situated around 80 minutes south of Salzburg via auto. The greatest fascination is the lake, which the whole town is worked around. The waters of the lake originate from the encompassing ice sheets, and snow-topped mountains make a staggering visual scenery. You might need to visit Zell am See in case you’re looking for the fabulous adventurous sports, since entertainment is a major some portion of the area’s appeal. In the late spring, sailing, boating and climbing are normal, and in the winter individuals go to the nearby Schmittenhohe for skiing. Zell am See offers the great day trip from Salzburg that definitely keeps you busy throughout the trip.


A standout amongst the most stunning characteristic attractions in Austria is Liechtensteinklamm. Found 70 km south of Salzburg, Liechtensteinklamm is a broad crevasse, or gorge, with tall, high sides. Waterfalls and streaming water dissolved the crevasse into what it is today, and you can walk directly through it along a progression of paths and bridges. As you walk, you’ll hear the thundering sound of water racing through the gorge, you’ll see waterfalls and you’ll have the capacity to appreciate the rich greenery because of steady precipitation. A visit to Liechtensteinklamm can really feel like a powerful affair you won’t ever forget.

Hohenwerfen Castle

Over the city of Werfen, found only 40 minutes south of Salzburg, stands a magnificent castle and fortification. Hohenwerfen, which truly signifies “Above Werfen”, was developed in the eleventh century. Encompassed by the delightful Berchtesgaden Alps and also the Tennengebirge Mountains, Hohenwerfen looks like something out of a children’s story. The historical backdrop of the castle incorporates many wars and even a concise stretch filling in as a jail, yet today the structure is fundamentally a museum. If you visit, you can see a considerable lot of the renovated rooms and also fascinating elements like the weapons gathering and the falconry, which brags various lovely birds of prey.

Eisriesenwelt Cave

Additionally in the town of Werfen are the Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves that definitely worth your visit and fulfil your thirst of travel on your great day trip. These are actually framed ice and limestone collapses the Hochkogel Mountain. Eisriesenwelt, which converts into English as World of the Ice Giants, is thought to be the biggest ice collapse the whole world. The cave is just open from May to October every year, except don’t let the summer atmosphere over-the-ground trick you. In the cave, temperatures are regularly below freezing that looks appealing to the visitors and tourists from all over the world. A portion of the top attractions on a tour through the cave incorporate Alexander von Mork Cathedral, which is the biggest room in the cave, and the tremendous stalactite called Posselt Tower.


Direct train joins associate Salzburg and Munich, making the Bavarian capital a greatday trip destiantion for tourists. Munich is a mind boggling city with large number of things to see. In the city center, or Altstadt, you will need to look at the New City Hall based on the Marienplatz. Tune in for the hints of the Glockenspiel, which goes off routinely throughout the day. There are many historical centers to investigate in Munich, so pick the subject that looks appealing to you most: BMW cars, collectibles, Bavarian history and significantly more. Even if you are not in Munich amid Oktoberfest, join the hordes of sightseers at brew lobbies like Hofbrauhaus for a pint.


Under 30 km east of Salzburg is Wolfgangsee, a lake in the resort area known as Salzkammergut. On the banks of the Wolfgangsee, there are loads of beguiling restaurants and residential areas with a rich, noteworthy interest. One such town, St. Gilgen, boasts so-called “chocolate box houses” with unmistakable exterior timbers and an exemplary Austrian style. The Wolfgangsee is a place for outdoor enterprise, and side interests like climbing and boating are a major attract to the range that looks appealing to the visitors. Try not to leave without attempting the neighborhood restaurant, Steckerlfisch, which is a local fish barbecued on a stick over an open flame.


Southeast of Salzburg is Hallstatt, a residential community that disregards the lovely blue waters of Lake Hallstatt. The historical backdrop of this town goes back for over 4,000 years, with the area being utilized essentially as a result of its accessible salt mines. Today, most tourists arrive for the pleasant perspectives and the enchanting town itself. Amid the mid year, car aren’t permitted in Hallstatt, making it a totally walker neighborly spot to investigate by walking. You can visit the first salt mines, in the event that you wish, or you could step in an extremely unique fascination called the Beinhaus. The Beinhaus, or Bone House, is the place the stacked bones of past residents are dried and stacked in view of restricted burial space in the town.


Right over the German border, and still only 30 minutes from Salzburg, is Berchtesgaden that is the great day trip from Salzburg that definitely worth your visit. This beguiling, postcard-consummate town is excellent in its own particular right, and its scenery is comprised of dazzling mountain pinnacles and salt mines. These salt grottoes seem as though they are produced using jewels, also the strange underground lake. However, what makes Berchtesgaden so prominent is that it houses the Eagle’s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus. From this vantage point, you can appreciate awesome vistas, and it was made as a present for Adolf Hitler. Indeed, even after the finish of World War II, Kehlsteinhaus was safeguarded. It is, today, a powerful indication of the past.

Explore all these attractions that must not be missed in your bucket list. Enjoy!

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