Indulging in motorcycle tours can give one an experience of exploring the world in spite of the risk undertaken on motorcycles while at the same time enjoy the beauty of these areas which has the attractiveness of its own that  is often untouched.  Since many would not dare to touch these areas being risky of venturing there, it is only for those who tend to enjoy the risk involved in reaching these off beaten tracks. Vintage Rides established since 2006, have been the specialist for appeal packed motorcycle tours in Asia who have a tendency of designing itineraries for the bikers providing them with a memorable motor biking experience.


The Royal Enfield was the result of double desire for adventure travel wherein it had been designed by Vintage Rides to run motorcycle tours on unique motorcycles. It provided a combination of pleasure of biking adventure through off-beaten tracks to participate in an adventure covered with complete security by their team of organisers. The biker can indulge in an exceptional expression of freedom on these bikes exploring the beauty of nature in the wilderness of Mongolia.  Mongolia can take the traveller by surprise and leave the biker with a permanent impression with its natural beauty which is captivating.

Preserved Jewel of Asia  

The Royal Enfield provides a true experience for those with an inclination of exploring nature in the remote locations. Biker riding through long stretched roads on the 350cc Bullet vibrating and echoing in the wilderness as you ride along have a memorable experience of their adventure.  The feeling of the wind passing on your face adds to the thrill of this awesome adventure of exploring the untouched paths of the country.

On the motorcycle tours one can discover the preserved nature.  Some of the other destinations are the Himalaya summits, Golden Triangle Mountains to mention a few. Their team of organizers tend to continuously come up with new circuits in enabling the biker to get to explore the beauty of these regions.  Experiencing motorcycle tours in Mongolia is mind blowing with the unique way of living of the Mongolian nomads, the matchless horse riders lost in vastness. In the midst of the grasslands, time tends to be still as one contemplates on the vast land as far as the eye can see.  The paths here tend to take shape before your eyes which are full of yurts together with wild animal flocks. It is said to be a preserved jewel in the heart of Asia.


Region Full of Wonders

Mongolia from its remarkable mountains to the taiga – the large forests in the north, going through the Khangai volcanic mounts, tends to boast of actual absorption in the mysterious site.   The uniqueness of Khogno Khan Dunes tends to seduce you together with the exceptional Gobi Desert covering the south of the country. Mongolia could be a region full of wonders.

A motorbike tour to Mongolia could be a great experience to all budding or confirmed adventurers, those with an interest of exploring nature and reaching the remote areas of a region. The most suitable time for exploring Mongolia is from June to September and one could opt from one of the four motorcycle tours in Mongolia and begin your expedition of a life time which would comprise of about 10 to 14 days.  The riders will be escorted by an experienced guide who will ride your motorbike or a side-car taking you to the legendary locations of the amazing country.


Surprising Experiences

The rider would also have the opportunity of witnessing the Orkhon Falls at a height of 16 meters.  Your involvement would comprise of surprising experience such as bathing in the hot water sources of the Ogii Nuur Lake.  Towards the base of the mountain you will be spellbound with the impressive scenery. Opting for one of the motorcycle tours in Mongolia would introduce the bikers to the nomads and gain some insight on the types of people they tend to be.

Some of the place which can be explored in Mongolia are the Tsaatan Lands – Ulan Bator, a city of contrasts where one gets the opportunity of meeting nomadic families and get to relish their exquisite menus.  Moron the capital and the administrative centre of the Khovsgol province has a city’s museum comprising of beautiful collections of local flora and fauna.

Passing through Ikh Ull along the wonderful valley of Selenge which is one of the great Mongolian rivers with its boundless twisting, the waters tend to find refuge in Lake Baikal in Russia. The traveller can visit Ulziit, Galt, Bayan, Tugul, and Gurvanshaikan which is one of the most amazing valleys in the country. To the east are the Khodol Sarag Mountains towering above with the peaks gaining a height of over 3000m and towards the west is the Ulan Taiga.


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