Sex in hostels is a contentious topic as everyone wants sex in hostels, but the very logistics of the hostel make it difficult.  The first option is to be the person that just doesn’t care and has sex right in a room with ten other people in there. I’m guessing, without at least 15 tequila shots in you, that isn’t you. Don’t worry experienced travelers know that there are different ways to get laid in a hostel incognito. The wise traveler looks around a little when they check into a hostel to see a few nooks and crannies that will work best if they have a chance to get lucky. Some of the best places to have sex in a hostel are.


*wink wink*

*wink wink*

The Bathrooms, preferably with a lock on the door…  

In my experience almost every hostel will have a few single lock in bathrooms. You find one of those and your golden, well other than the grungy floor and absolute lack of anything remotely romantic! Just take your sweetie in there, lock the door behind you and get to it. Be warned though people coming to use that toilet, as the lock in toilet is always the most popular for everyone for regular use too, might hear what’s going on and turn the light off. If there isn’t a lock in, everyone has to have an experience in a bathroom stall once right…


The Laundry Room 

Unless there is that weird traveler who decides to send a load through at 3am in the morning the laundry room is a good option. You can get that special someone in there, and expect a “decent” chance of privacy. Now there isn’t so much opportunity for varied positions, but you’re not acting out the karma sutra here. Get in there, let the girl sit on the dryer and away you go. With any luck another wise backpacker with the same idea won’t come barging in to do the same thing.


The Roof Top 

Some hostels actually have a rooftop area for the residents. Other hostels may have a small rooftop you’re probably not supposed to go on. Now both are options, but the latter presents some more opportunities and hey – chances are you are not suppose to be shagging around the hostel either so going out of bounds, whatevs. My experience too, you get a lot more slack with the rules when you are breaking them to have sex. People seem to appreciate that. The official roof top for backpackers is fine too as usually there won’t be many people up there late, late at night. One thing to think about though is they probably have a camera up there, which you may or may not want to be seen on…


And the best option – try to get a private room.

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