As a pilot or a pilot in training, you will constantly be digesting new information and keeping up with industry trends. You must take a proactive approach in learning if you want to truly commit it to memory as you need. Forgetting even the slightest detail in your training could create terrible consequences.  A good pilot knows the basics of flying, and is constantly practicing the art in order to get better and better with each flight.

Understand the Pilot’s Operating Handbook

As a pilot, you should take the time to read through the handbook on a regular basis. It is a great resource to come back to again and again. Sometimes you need to double check to make sure that you’re doing something the right way, especially as a newer pilot. The handbook is a great way to find that information quickly. You will find information about how your fuel system operates and a list of times that are best for when you are rotating the plane. Knowing everything in this handbook is crucial for the efficiency of flying a plane, so keep it near you at all times.

Keep a Flight Bag

It may seem simple, but the flight bag is considered the most important thing for any pilot to have during flight. Your bag should contain everything you need to get through a flight in a safe and efficient manner. Some of the items that you should place in the bag include a headset, kneeboard, updated charts, and even first aid equipment. You can even place your Pilot’s Operating Handbook inside of your flight bag for safe keeping. You never know when this bag may come in handy, and it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. Carry it with you on every flight. You never know when it will come in handy.

Understand Aircraft Maintenance

Flying is not the only aspect of a pilot’s job. He should also have a complete understanding of aircraft maintenance. You should know about the oil for your plane and how it can be changed. You will also need to know about the correct temperature of the oil, along with the pressure of the oil for the plane. Understanding these basic maintenance concepts means less risk for you and your passengers. If you fly a private plane, maintenance could create a high expense, and knowing how to do it yourself will save you in the long run.

As a pilot or a pilot in training, the amount of things you need to know may seem overwhelming at times. However, if you carefully read through everything and study hard, you will be prepared for flight. Always remember the importance of having a flight bag by your side, especially since it will be holding all of your important pilot items. It is also extremely necessary to carry updated charts. It will not do you any good to carry charts with you that are out of date and have not been updated.

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