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Places to Visit in Kushinagar

Kushinagar is where Lord Buddha breathed his last on earth. Because of this, the place may be a sacred journey site for the Buddhist. The place was forgotten till, 1861 when General A. Cunningham and A.C.I. Carlyl exposed the hidden wealth through excavations.

Several monuments mark the association of lord Buddha with Kushinagar, which are today important tourist attractions in Kushinagar.

Places to See in Kushinagar

Nirvana Stupa

KushinagarThe huge stupa made of bricks was exposed by Carlyl in 1876. The Brahmi inscription states that Lord Buddha’s remains had been deposited here. A copper vessel was unearthed at this site.

Nirvana Temple

A 6mtrs long statue of reclining Buddha represents the dying prophet. The statue was unearthed in 1876.

Mathakuar Shrine

Some 400yards from the Nirvana stupa, it enshrines a black stone image of the Buddha in the ‘bhumi sparsha mudra’. Lord Buddha delivered his last sermon here.

Ramabhar Stupa

Nearly 1km away this 49 ft tall stupa marks the site where the Lord Buddha was cremated. In ancient Buddhist texts this stupa has been referred to as Mukut-Bandhan Vihar.

Japanese Temple

This is a recent construction. Here is installed a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha made of eight metals which has come from Japan.

Chinese Temple

It also has a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha.

Kushinagar Museum

Kushinagar MuseumThe Buddha Museum, containing finds from excavations at the site, is open everyday except Monday.

Places to See in Kanpur

The city of Kanpur attracts tourists for its age old monuments and varied different constructions, that reflect the history of the place. Besides that, this town of Uttar Pradesh homes several parks, gardens, water bodies and religious places of visit.

Religious Places of Kanpur

Though the place is popularly referred to as an industrial town of India, still it houses innumerable religious places. One with a religious bend of mind will visit the following places:

Dwarka Dhish Temple

Dedicated to Krishna, this temple is even situated near the Kamla Tower. The sravan jhoola contributes to the attraction of the temple.

Mecca Masjid

Mecca MasjidLocated at a distance of just 15 kms from the city, this is one of the famous mosques in Kanpur.

Shri Radhakrishna Temple

Shri Radhakrishna Temple or J. K. Temple is an architectural delight because its unique mix of old and modern architecture. The temple possesses 5 shrines, out of which the middle one is dedicated to Radha-Krishna, while the others are meant for Ardhanarishwar, Hanuman, Laxminarayan and Narmadeshwar.

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