Shravasti was once a major seat of Buddhism. During the lifetime of Lord Buddha, Shravasti was the capital of Koshala kingdom on the Gangetic plains. The holidaymaker attractions in Shravasti mainly bear close association to the hallowed memory of Lord Buddha.

As per the legends He had spent 25 monsoons in Shravasti. Buddha performed quite a few miracles here. The atheist Koshal king Prosenjit believed in god upon seeing one such miracle of enlightenment on lotus of 1000 petals. The glories of yore have gradually been lost into oblivion. Today Shravasti is little village in Uttar Pradesh. But the followers of Buddhism everywhere the planet continue to find Shravasti a remarkable destination.Check out theĀ Places to Visit in Shravasti.

Places to Visit in Shravasti


MahethSprawling over an area of 400 acres, the place is known with the remains of town in original. Excavations led to the discovery of huge gates and ramparts and plenty of different signs that speak of the prosperity of ancient Shravasti.

Sobhanath Temple

The place is believed to be the birthplace of Jain prophet Swayambunatha. For the Jains, this is often one of the vital holidaymaker attractions in Shravasti.


Once the site of Jetavana monastery, the place houses various shrines, stupas and monasteries spreading over an area of 32 acres. One of the earliest Stupas, probably dating back to 3rd century BC, contained relics of the Buddha. Excavations discovered a huge sculpture of lord Buddha, that is currently housed in the Indian Museum, Kolkata.

Angulimala’s Stupa

Angulimala's StupaPakki Kutti is believed to the Angulimala’s Stupa. Legend has it that Angulimala was a dreaded dacoit of the region who used to wear a necklace of fingers chopped from his victims. One day, when he was about to kill his mother in a fit of rage, Lord Buddha met him. His words converted Angulimala who decide to follow the path of Buddhism.

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