This industrial city has even got some amusement parks. If you are planning a day out with your family or friends, then you can visit any of the following places mentioned below:

Ekta Park near the Pandu river
Jungle Water Park on Bithoor Road
Micky House in Govind Nagar
Sports Village on Bithoor Road

Ghats in Kanpur

Being nestled in between the 2 major rivers of India, the Ganga and also the Yamuna, town has innumerably ghats. Kanpur has even got varied lovely water bodies. Names of some of those ghats and different water bodies, that you wish not miss while on your trip Kanpur are provided below:

Massacre Ghat

Massacre GhatSituated in the cantonment area of Kanpur, this ghat lies on the river Ganga’s right bank. This ghat has even got historical significance because of the location of the terrible massacre of 1857’s Mutiny. Initially referred to as Satti Chura Ghat, this place has been renamed in Nana Saheb Peshwa’s memory as Nana Rao Ghat.

Moti Jheel

Based in Benajhabar, this jheel is reservoir of drinking water in the city. Managed by Kanpur Waterworks, this water body is surrounded by beautiful children park and recreation ground.

Sarsaiyya Ghat

This is one of the holy ghats located on the banks of the Ganga, the sacred river in India.

Siddhant Ghat

This is a ghat located in the historical site of Jajmau.

Historical Places of Kanpur

Believed to be founded by the Chandela dynasty, the city houses some places of historical importance. The historical ruins of the places prove the city’s existence during the era of pre-13th Century.


BithoorThis place is legendary as a pilgrimage of Hindu religion. Located at a distance of 20 kms from Kanpur, this site is even referred to as “Brahmvart”. It’s believed that Manu and Satrupa were created there. Apart from that, the places are said to be related to the Hindu Epic “Ramayana” since, Maharshi Balmiki wrote the epic there and even it absolutely was the birth place of Lav and Kush. Bithoor has even witnessed the childhood days of Maharani Laxmi Bai as well as the works of freedom fighters Azimullah Khan, Nanarao Peshwa, Mainavati and Tatya Tope. Nanarao Fort could be a a part of this historical site of Bithoor.


Located towards the east of the city, this place was known as Siddhapuri in historical times. Dating back to 600 B.C. to 1600 A.D., this site houses Makhdum Shah Ala-ul-Haq’s mausoleum, a mosque of 1679 as well as temples of Siddhnath and Siddhadevi.

Boodha Bargad

Boodha BargadThis Banyan tree is traditionally important because this is where 144 Indian citizens were hanged during the Rebellion of 1857 in India.

Enjoy the fantastic Amusement Parks in Kanpur!

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