Poland has survived centuries of conflict to emerge as a proud, independent country, able to assume her new role in trendy history. Guests to Poland are discovering what the locals have long best-known, that Poland is a country made in fine culture, scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites.

PolandPoland is found in Northeastern Europe, and it’s bordered by the Baltic sea and Lithuania to the north, Slovakia and also the Czech Republic to the south, country and Byelarus to the east, and Germany to the west. Its geographics is gorgeous, with coastal lowlands to the north and mountain ranges to the south. The country is bisected by an extensive river system, with the Vistula being the longest.

What to See & Do

When visiting Poland, there are many locations that should be visited. A wonderful location to visit is the Main market Square in Krakow. This is often a large medieval style town square that’s enclosed by buildings that are quite 1,000 years old. A more dramatic place to visit is Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was the location of a very large.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and it is also the largest city in the country. Its greater metropolitan area has close to 2.7 million residents making it a touristic and economic hub.

Krakow Travel Guide

KlearchosKrakow can be represented as a rags to riches town, since it went from being a seventh century village to the second most vital town in Poland, being known for its cultural, artistic, academic and economic activities. During World War II, the Nazis herded Poles and Jews alike into the Krakow Ghetto where they were later sent to concentration camps; the movie Schindler’s List centered around one man’s efforts to save the ghetto residents from extermination. Situated on the Vistula river, this former Polish capital is simple to urge around, since attractions radiate out from Old city, considered the best Old Town in the country.

Warsaw Travel Guide

WarsawThe capital of Poland might aptly be compared to a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Founded around the 12th century, Warsaw was pretty much destroyed during World War II, but has rebuilt itself into a thriving historical and cultural center, complete with a restored Old Town. Once known as the “Paris of the North,” it also is famous as the home of classical composer Fryderyk Chopin. Another famous citizen was Renaissance astronomer Copernicus, who was born in Poland. Travelers of all ages can get pleasure from a visit to the Copernicus Science Center where hands-on activities abound.

Enjoy Poland Travel guide!

Image by Klearchos,Arian Zwegers,A.Cahlenstein,Kamil Porembiński Under Creative Common License.


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