The weekends at the corner pub might be a nice way to chill and let off steam but nothing says ‘back to college’ like a good old road trip. A week on the road is long enough to get the nostalgia flowing. So buckle up! Cause we are headed for Andalucía. On the way, you will surely find out why Jim Morrison wrote an entire song about this autonomous community in Spain.

The Arrival and Day 1

The Malaga to Seville drive is ideal for a short road trip. The air fares to and from these cities are cheaper than other places. After landing at Malaga, you can hire a car at Malaga airport itself and be done with that. An eight-hour drive will bring you to the heart of the city. Gibralfaro, about 20 mins away from your starting point is the recommended place to go to get an eyeful of Malaga and its captivating skyline. Head to the city and mix with its warm-hearted locals. Try out some pubs and surely head to the Malaga Cathedral. The bustling city of Malaga does have a slight problem and that is parking. Alas, a compromise must be made! Worry not. A reasonable hotel is easy to find.

Day 2

Set out early and avoid the toll road by all means (Autopista) and take the autovia. On the autovia, you can make as many stops as you want and without paying any money. So it’s a win-win! The destination for the day is Tarifa. The quiet town is the perfect place to rest your heads (inside the car!), of course, after you’ve had a few beers at the local bar. On the way, you will cross and obviously stop, at Marbella and Gibraltar. Both these place are unique. Marbella is notorious for its corruption while Gibraltar is a feast for the eyes. Its hilly landscapes will take your breath away. Try to make it there by sundown.

Day 3

Wake up early and trot around the historic centres of Tarifa before heading out for Cadiz. Surrounded by the sea, Cadiz is your run of the mill Andalucían city. It is also the old inhabited city in both Spain and West Europe. On the way, the landscape gradually changes from green to golden. On the way, you will cross Valdevaqueros (a short drive from Tarifa) where you can kite-surf on the beach. From there the next stop would be Punta Paloma. Punta Paloma is where the landscape really starts to take a turn. The sandy roads and dunes on both sides will leave you in awe. As you head back to the marine drive you will come upon Barbate. Here you can relax for a while and have your lunch. The seafood is recommended. After you have rested and refuelled, it is time to head to the next destination; the Trafalgar Cape Lighthouse. Another place to be when the sun is saying goodbye. This is the last stop before Cadiz. Upon reaching Cadiz it is advisable to retire early as the cities beauty is best appreciated in daylight. So wake up early the next day! (This does seem to be a common theme).

Day 4 and Departure

Spend the morning in Cadiz exploring its rich history. Start with the Cathedral Square and head to the Castle of San Sebastian and top it off with a lazy stroll along the coast. The next and final destination (sniff) is only one and a half hours away, but don’t be fooled, this day can get a bit hectic. There is just so much to do in Seville! Seville is an amalgamation of the past and the modern. The Metropol Parasol stands toe to toe with the Plaza De Espana and Giralda Tower. Alas! All good things must come to an end, but before you leave, do experience the famous ancient Arab bath!

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