One of the reasons the Philippines is not as called it might be for those living in the United Kingdom is that until very recently there were no direct flights to the Philippines, and it is not as easy to get there as it is for some of better known Philippines attractions.

Philippines attractions

For those who are willing to try to discover the Philippines attraction, the country has a lot to provide its visitors.

  • Beautiful white-colored exotic beaches

For beach lovers, the Philippines making it one of the best holiday destination ideas as it features some of the best white exotic beaches in the world. From the pleasures of every Filipinos favorite destination of Boracay to the less commercialized beaches in Palawan and Cebu, the Philippines has pleasant exotic beaches to suit all preferences.

Philippines attractions

  • Manila Culture

The Philippines has far more to provide than merely fantastic beaches. Visitors to the Philippines will end up engrossed in a country with a long and glorious history. In the capital Manila, the Malacanang Palace built in the 18th century now functions as the Philippine Presidents official home and should certainly form a significant part of any traveler’s itinerary. Equally important is Intramuros, the old walled city, which established the ancient governing capital of the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. This area is now house to a variety of shops, dining places, and museums.

Philippines attractions

  • See the Active Mayon Volcano

On the isle of Luzon is a dynamic volcanic called Mayon Volcano which is also known as Mount Mayon. The volcanic has grabbed the nickname “Perfect Cone” due to its symmetrical cone shape. The volcanic and around areas are a part of a national park that is certainly worth going to whilst you are in the Philippines.

Philippines attractions

The Philippines have many wonderful Philippines attractions which bring together modern places with amazing exotic isles, offering the ultimate way to chill out while still experiencing all the little luxuries. Philippines attractions are located in the Capital Manila, the encompassing isle of Makati, Boracay Island, Cebu, Mactan Island and Palawan. Manila is house to most significant Chinatowns in the world and offers a number of traditional and cultural Philippines attractions such as chapels, museums, landmarks, parks and wildlife attractions. From Spanish colonial churches to shrines and the amazing San Agustin Art gallery and National Museum of the Filipino People, Manila is house to a wide variety of Philippines attractions. It’s also here, in close by Makati, where you’ll discover the highest tall buildings in the Philippines.

One other well-known Philippines attraction for those looking to discover out in the Philippines is Chocolate Hills around Carmen and Sagbayan in Bohol. This group of conical hills is made up of around 1700 hills or mounds the biggest of which is nearly 400ft in size. The hills are covered in grass but obtain their name from the brownish color that the grass changes during the long Philippine dry season. These hills have become a well-known tourist attraction, with several being developed in tourist complexes.

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