The diversity of flavors from countries all over the world can provide you with a good reason to go on a culinary tour and sample unique dishes. From what you can find being sold along the streets to those that you can have in high-end restaurants, from local cafeterias to Michelin-starred restaurants, each country has a unique promise. Thinking of where to go for a culinary adventure? Keep on reading and learn more about some of the best countries and their signature foods.

Sushi from JapanSushi from Japan

When you speak of Japanese cuisine, it is impossible to not make mention of sushi. Head over to Japan for a luxury holiday to sample some of the best sushi temples in Tokyo or visit Hokkaido, which is known as one of the best areas in the country for fresh seafood. If you are on a budget, try kaiten sushi, or sushi that is traditionally served in a conveyor belt.

Moussaka from Greece

Sampling Greek cuisine will never be complete in the absence of trying moussaka. The latter is a casserole dish that is made with layers of meat and vegetables. The most popular variation is one that is made with eggplant meat sauce and cheese. There are also other variants made from potatoes or zucchini.

Steak from ArgentinaSteak from Argentina

It is an open secret that Argentinians are in love with meat and they would like to share their love with the world, making Argentine steak popular. A visit to a parilla, or steakhouse, is not to be missed. The Argentines grow grass-fed beef, which is perhaps one of the reasons why their steaks are amongst the best in the world.

Goulash from Hungary

Goulash refers to a stew or soup that consists of meat, usually beef, and a wide array of vegetables. The most important ingredient is paprika, which is the one that is responsible for its robust flavor. It is cooked through braising, which uses slow heat to make tough pieces of meat tender.

Tagine from MoroccoTagine from Morocco

In Morocco, tagine refers not only to a cookware, but also to a traditional slow-cooked dish. It is braised at low temperature and the end result is meat that is full of flavor and robust aroma, you can truly have a tasty holiday in Morocco. The most popular type of meat used in such is lamb, specifically its shank, shoulder, and neck, and it is particularly popular in the mountain regions so if you go on an adventure holiday around Morocco then it will be in good supply!

Curry from India

When in India and looking for a dish that is local at its very core, make sure to order a curry. It comes from an Indian word kari, which means sauce. It is a sauce-based dish, which contains a choice of meat, coconut milk, fresh ginger, coriander, chili, and vegetables, among other ingredients.

Bratwurst from Germany

Germany’s famous heritage is known for a few things including amazing architecture, natural beauty and delicious delicacies – one of which being the German Bratwurst. Bratwurst, a staple in a German’s plate, refers to a sausage that is made with pork in a natural casing. It can be cooked either fried or grilled, and can be best enjoyed when paired with a German beer.

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