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Hallgrímskirkja (1986) — Reykjavík, Iceland

One may surprise why they must take a visit of a lifetime to such a place. First, the church is 244ft creating it rank among the tallest in Iceland. Furthermore, it’s among the foremost visited place as individuals might want to explore and see the real and bigger picture of it. It was opened in 1986. It had been designed by notable Guojon Samuelsson. it’s the expressionist reasonably design.


St. Augustine Church, Philippines

It occurred as a results of Spanish colonization. Its construction was launched within the year, 1704. It came to completion, within the year, 1894. It will be seen as one of the colonial churches throughout the Spanish era. In its designation there’s a deep faith of the many Philippines. Additionally called the ‘Earthquake Baroque’, meaning, the church boasts of adaption to seismic and natural conditions such as earthquakes among others. It is also characterized by seal of Saint Augustine, the emblem of king of Spain, Popes Logo and Chinese cloud style.

St. Augustine ChurchLooking at the church itself, the walls are just about 1.67 meters thick. This explains why it absolutely was meant to resist earthquakes and still exists up to now. The walls are supported by 24 carved and strong massive buttresses. Lastly, the design of the church is consists of Oriental, Gothic and Baroque influence.

Las Lajas Cathedral (1949)— Colombia

Among the foremost wonders of the planet is that this church set a hundred meters on top of Guaitara River canon, that is in close proximity to Nariño in Colombia. It’s engineered to at least one aspect of the rocky cliff. It additionally contains a bridge that connects to the other aspect of the cliff. One can compare it to a Disney castle. Its current structure was built in between 1916 – 1949.

Las Lajas CathedralFurthermore, its history will be copied back to the year 1754. It absolutely was throughout a storm once, Maria Muences’ a deaf-mute, created an exclamation she had witnessed the vision of Virgin Mary. It absolutely was over the ‘Laja’. The ‘Laja’ will be outlined as a flat sedimentary rock that resembles a shale. Miraculously she was cured. In the 18th century, the shrine of the ‘Lady of Las Lajas’ was seen now and lots of different upgrades have occurred since then to what which will be seen at this moment. This church is worth of a wonder based on its history and its strategic location.

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Image by joaosilvaferreira,Jorge Lascar,Gerry Dincher Under Creative Common License.


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