Travellers know the road will never stop calling to them, be it a year long sojourn, road trip or just getting lost for an indeterminate amount of time. Sometimes though, maybe that call is just the right volume and the traveler should succumb to it. The reasons usually connect with boredom of place and restraint to individuality and freedom.  Five reasons to take back to the road are:

5) You’re watching too much TV

Your night time activities have peaked out at watching TV. The spark of life is surely twiddling away as you wait with bated breath for this week’s episode of “How I Met your Mother.” Quickly, before you fall deeper into utter complacency… book a ticket for Russia!

4) You’re more interested in your international friend’s lives than your friends at home 

So you’re paying more attention to the happenings of friends you made while living in London than people who are living next door. Surely this has to be a sign that deep down, or not even that deep down, you want to get out there and hit the road again. So book that ticket and by a week from today you will be having pints with your mates in London town.

3) You just have too much money 

Bills are no worry, your wardrobe is classy and impressive, and you got the flat screen and your apartment decked out. Now your bank balance is just growing meteorically and you don’t even know what to do with dividends. Well here’s a suggestion…. hit the road again and spend a bit of it. Sounds like you will be able to live a little more ostentatiously than you did last time you were abroad.

2) Your city’s Skyline has lost its lustre  

When you got to your city it was just like when you were on the road, it looked great, and created a sense of wonder in you. Now years later, it doesn’t even warrant a second look. The magic is gone, you need to get out of there for a little while and re-coup that old travel feeling.

1) Do it to spite everyone that said not to

So everyone around you is telling you that life is about progressing in the “regular” stages – college, job, marriage, house, kids… When you tell a few of them you are thinking about taking to the road again they look at you in horror and near revulsion – why would you do that? Now there is only one thing to do, book a ticket and really blow their mind. Honestly, if spite can get you back to South East Asia, yay for spite.

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