What do you think of when you hear the words: Las Vegas? Probably glitz, glam, and plenty of cash. You’re not alone. Most of us consider Vegas to be an expensive and over the top vacation spot. There are all of those luxury hotels, pricey show tickets, and of course, the casinos to consider. Don’t give up hope just yet. It is possible to save money – and still have a wild time in Sin City. These thrifty ideas will give you the vacation you’ve been dreaming of…. without totally emptying your bank account.


Save On Flights and Accommodations

Las Vegas isn’t just the party capitol of the United States. It is also one of the best places to save some cash on your airline ticket and accommodations. Start with your airline ticket. There are many discounted flights to Las Vegas available online. Popular travel websites offer reduced rates, discounted prices, and bundle deals. Take a good look around and find a price that works for you. When it comes to your hotel, the same is true. There are tons of great deals online. Chain hotels also like to offer their followers discounts for follows or re-tweets – so keep your eyes peeled.


Line Up For Discounted Show Tickets

Here’s the thing: Las Vegas isn’t just about gambling and the bright lights. There are also tons of live shows and performances to check out. It might be the hottest concert at Caesar’s Palace or a smaller magic show. Whatever you’re interested in, your best bet is to head to a ticket booth. That’s right – you can find discount ticket booths all along the Las Vegas strip. Take a look at the board and see what’s on sale. You can save anywhere from 20-40% on same-day tickets.


Stick To Penny Slots For Cheap Drinks

You’re in Vegas. So, you probably want to enjoy a drink sometime during your stay. Unfortunately, a good cocktail can take a serious hit on your wallet. The solution? Take a couple of dollar bills and head on over to the penny slots. When you gamble in one of the hotels along the strip, your alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages are free. Stick to the penny or nickel slots to stretch out your gambling experience – and get a few good drinks in. It will save you money without causing you to miss out on that classic Las Vegas experience.


Call Ahead Of Time For VIP Treatment

There is nothing more frustrating than spending $20 to get into a bar or nightclub. However, this is common practise in major cities like Las Vegas. Want to skip the line and the entrance fee? Call ahead. When you call the bar or club earlier that day (or even a couple of days ahead, depending on the popularity of the place you’re heading), ask to be put on the VIP list. As long as you show up by a certain time, your admittance will be free. You may even score a free drink ticket. It’s the easiest way to save!


There you have it! Saving money in Sin City actually is possible. All it takes is a little planning ahead and finding ways to stretch every dollar you’ve got. Now get ready to enjoy the ultimate getaway!

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