The primary role of aircraft engine specialists is to keep the plane working and functioning properly.  Most of all, they keep the plane safe by ensuring that the mechanical parts of the engine are functioning properly.  It would seem however that they aren’t the only ones currently involved in the safety of planes in America, a very large controversy taking to the runways right now with airlines across the nation.

airplane-insideNot too long ago, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) decided to make their security measures for planes a little more lenient than they have been in the past, deciding to allow items on planes that would previously have been banned.  A large portion of these items are mainly sports equipment such as small bats, golf clubs, and lacrosse sticks, but what has really gotten airlines upset is that they are now allowing knives on planes.

The knives must be relatively small with the blades only being around two inches in length and they cannot lock once they’ve been opened, but they are knives nonetheless.

US Airways, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines have all taken issue with the new rule, fearing for the safety of not only the passengers but also their crew as they’re at risk as much as anyone else.  The TSA has defended their position, saying that things that could potentially become weapons are still not allowed on planes (scissors, razors, and box cutters, namely), but various airlines have already tried to explain that though small, these allowable knives still pose a threat.

In Washington, Senators are working hard to have this rule that the TSA has put into place reversed, putting forth a legislation that would put back the ban on knives no matter how small they might be.  Politicians are saying that while things have been relatively safe in the recent years, the attack that took place on 9/11 is still a large threat to the country and having knives permitted onto passenger planes will only serve to put citizens at risk.

The new amendment to airplane boarding rules that the TSA put into place is slated to take effect in late April of this year, which gives the TSA a good bit of time to go back on it and continue the ban on knives, something that quite a few people are suggesting they do.  They aren’t budging, however, and although they have been hit with a lot of negative reception and have been opposed by crew, airlines, and politicians alike, they have every intention of going forward with the new amendment.

Senators are hoping to have their new legislation put into place before the TSA’s new rule officially commences, but it doesn’t look likely that they’ll be able to put everything in order before the end of April.  This means there could be a while where citizens will be boarding planes that could potentially have knives scattered throughout them.

The TSA swears that this new rule will not pose a security threat to those who choose to fly in America, despite what others have very outspokenly warned about.  While allowing sports equipment could potentially be no big deal, a lot of people are saying that permitting knives is taking it too far, risking the safety of thousands of people nationwide each time a plane boards.  Whether the TSA will actually go through with it is yet to be seen, but many are hoping they’ll come to their senses and go back on the rule before they find themselves with a huge security threat on their hands.

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