Yes, you and I too can afford to fly in a private plane or even in a jet with the advent of number private aircrafts flying to just about every airport in the world. All you have to do is search for chartered flights on any date and you are presented with a number of options to choose from.

The options are:

•​The type of aircraft

•​Name of the operator


You can even compare the price and choose.

I hear you saying, “Who can afford a chartered flight”? You and I can. We once thought we cannot afford to buy a car and then we bought one. We then envied those who are driving luxury cars which soon entered our garage. We thought who can afford an a/c train ticket. We then traveled in a three-tier a/c train which too became a distant past. Now we either travel in a first class air-conditioned coach or we fly economy class. At times, we are also able to buy business-class tickets. Therefore, flying solo or with our family in a private jet has also become affordable.

Jettly Private Jet Charter is an aggregator of private aircrafts and has established a network with over 9000 private plane carriers who pick up and deliver passengers from hundreds of places across the globe. What an innovative startup business idea by Jettly!

In their website, Jettly clearly has explained about the cost of flying in a private aircraft and how the price varies with the type of plane you choose. There are 9 different types of aircrafts one can choose; each one comes with different luxuries.

You can easily search a plane for your impending travel, see how much it will cost you, and compare the rate with various private plane operators and then book.

Empty Leg Flight notification

Similar to the outstation taxi operators who become empty after dropping the one-way passengers and let the seat availability is known to cab aggregators so that he can return to his starting point profitably, the concept of Empty Leg Flight functions.

If you let Jettly know your travel plans, you will be notified of private jets that match your requirements. Isn’t that a superb way to connect the flyer and the carrier?

The advantages of flying in a chartered plane.

•​The most obvious advantage is, of course, the privacy. Whether you are a solo flyer or you have company, you are all yourselves.

•​You will never miss your flight; it will be waiting for you on the tarmac even if you are a few minutes late.

•​You can plan your business trip even at the last minute and still may be able to hire a private plane.

•​The pleasure of flying in a private jet weighs out other advantages.

Soon, there will be a price war among the chartered flight operators forcing the commercial flights wondering how to survive this new but welcome competition.

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