If you are planning a trip to a foreign country or an area you have never been tobefore, you definitely need to loo into several applications designed to make your journey just a little less unnerving. Travels can be daunting, especially when you are travelling into the unexpected abyss. But with these applications, your journey can be as delightful as the vacation you are about to embark on. Take a quick peek to see which of these applications would benefit you on your next journey.


Choose a game to distract you while you are on a plane, bus or train. Gaming helps make time pass quicker than expected. If you don’t want to download an application, you can access www.novibet.co.uk from your mobile web browser so you always have something to look forward to, whether or not you have downloaded games.


If you have cancelled a flight or even missed one in the past, you will come to realize how essential a backplan is. AirHelp does exactly as the name suggests, it helps with compensation. The company dealing with the admin takes only 25% of the claim, should the claim be successful. Send all your flight info to AirHelp and a team of trained experts will take the matter from there.


Browse the web for the cheapest flights from one destination to the next. Affordable flights save money allowing you to spend more on what matters, your vacation.


Exclusive to iPhone and Android users, iTranslate allows you to utilize your phones speaker to access various languages. Speak into the voice recorder and allow the application to translate every word. The functionality also allows for dictionary purposes. Choose from a number of different languages easily, over 100, and never be at a loss for words again.


Get the best deals on last minute hotel accommodation. Tour countries and find, at the very last minute, hotels in a nearby vicinity, with the best deals and details on the room you are about to rent for the night.


Plan your trip out by creating a digital itinerary which keeps track of your destinations, bookings and outings. The application can be accessed from your mobile device in a step by step format to allow you quick access to the next detail of your planned trip.


Looking for low cost housing? Imagine meeting locals who are able to help advice on where you should be sightseeing. Couchsurfing connects locals offering low priced accommodation to travellers looking for a place to lay their head at night. Meet new people and get a bargain while doing so! They may even advise you on where to visit next.

Change the way you travel and get the best deals on your holiday. Get refunds where necessary and save where you can. Simply through mobile applications, all of this has been made possible. Before packing for that much needed break, download apps to make your life a while lot easier.

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