For most of us, taking a vacation gives us that much needed break from work. However, not everyone is so eager to step away from the office. Workaholics, I’m looking at you! We all know someone who loves to work. In fact, it can be difficult to tear them apart from their smart phones enough to watch a TV show, let alone relax on a vacation. To give the workaholic in your life the rest and relaxation they need, here are some tips to make it happen.

Give Plenty of Notice

The first thing you will need to do? Get your workaholic to spread the word. If your family has decided to take a trip, it is time to let people at the office know. That way, it won’t come as a surprise to them later on. Plus, they’ll have time to wrap their heads around the fact that they can’t rely on your workaholic for everything! The last thing you want is for clients or co-workers to email, call, or text while you are away. So, be sure to give plenty of notice. It will make the transition easier for everyone.

Limit Electronics Time

Okay, a lot of us have an attachment to our electronic devices. It’s not just the workaholics in our lives! That is why this next tip applies to everyone travelling with you. You’ll need to limit your electronics time. Instead of keeping your smart phones, tablets, and laptops on you at all times, keep them in the hotel safe. You can still use them during your trip. Instead of using them throughout the day, though, only use them at night. Once you have finished your dinner, you can return to the room and check your phone for any updates from home (or the office). This is the best solution. Why? If you try to tell a workaholic that they can’t use their devices at all, they’ll either try to sneak away on it or be miserable the entire time. Neither is preferable!

Don’t Overdo the Activities

You’re on vacation in a beautiful city. Of course, you want to see as much as possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t the best idea if you are travelling with a workaholic. Remember, they need to relax. Keeping them busy all day every day isn’t going to give them the break from real life that they need. Compromise by having one day full of activities and the next day spent lounging by the pool or walking around your hotel. The balance will give everyone in the family what they want (and need!).

Try a Staycation First

Are you worried about travelling with your workaholic? Then it may be a good idea to try a staycation first. That way, they can get used to the idea of getting away…and you can get used to travelling with someone who likes to work all the time!

It’s not easy trying to travel with a workaholic, but it’s also not impossible. Once they learn how to let go and unwind, more and more vacations will be in your future.

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