If you are thinking of going on an Italian river cruise, you will have many options available to you. One of the best ones, however, is the Po Valley, which starts at Venice and makes its way up all the way to Mantua. Here is where you will be able to experience a mixture of ancient and modern culture, immersing yourself in history, art and fashion. And if you happen to enjoy a game of golf, you really can’t go wrong. provides the best rates on Tauck Tours, so do consider them if you want to book on a Po river cruise.

The Rich Culture of Italy

No matter which river cruise through Italy you choose, you will always be able to enjoy the amazing and ancient cultural history the country offers. The Po Valley is particularly stunning, however, starting at legendary Venice and making its way to the hub of the Renaissance: Mantua. The valley itself is incredibly beautiful, with such sights as the Pellestrina Istrian seawall from the 18th century, walled wine estates, the Villa Ca’Zen from the 17th century at Taglio di Po, the Estense Castle in Ferrara from the 14th century and the Ducal Palace of Mantua from the 14th century, where you can enjoy 12,000 paintings and 15 individual gardens.

Wine Tasting

Italy is a country with a truly rich viticulture, so you would truly miss out if you didn’t visit some vineyards and wine estates, where you can enjoy some of the best wines in the world. In the Po Valley, the grounds are particularly fertile and this has given rise to some fantastic wines. Prosecco is from Venice, for instance. Additionally, when you reach the island of Mazzorbo, you must visit the Venissa walled wine estate. At Villa Wimann Borletti, you can enjoy a medieval wine estate with fantastic wine cellars and Renaissance gardens. And if you stop at Soave, you can enjoy some of the world’s best white wines based on the Garganega grape.

Playing Golf

If you enjoy golfing, then you will be in your element on your Po river cruise. Why not engage in your favorite pass time whenever you make a stop ashore? Some of Italy’s most amazing golf courses are along your route. The Cuc Golf Ferrera golf course is just outside of Venice, so you could start there. Then, when you cruise onwards to Lido, Alberoni and Chioggia, a truly ancient city, you can enjoy the Golf Club Albarella. This was designed by John Dering Harris so if you know your golf, you will know this is going to be an unforgettable experience. Next, you will make your way on to Adria, a town with a fascinating ancient history, and you can play golf at the Frassanelle Golf Club, found within a 19th century park. Finally, when you reach Mantua, you can enjoy the Verona Golf Club. As such, you can both start and finish with a game of golf.

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