Waiting at the airport for your flight can be a real time-waster, especially if you’re an avid traveller. Fortunately, with technology now, everything can be done online. Playing regular games like Candy Crush can get old and boring. If you’re at all interested in playing your odds with a little extra money you have, online horse races can be really fun, and if you get good at it, it can make you some extra travel money.

Online gambling continues to grow, with more and more punters betting via the internet rather than with their local bookie. When you’re stuck at the airport, a fling with an online casino is not a bad way to pass the time. Here are a few reasons to give online betting a try:

Whether home or abroad, it’s much more convenient to place a bet from the comfort of your laptop than finding a physical bookie. Walking to your nearest bookie requires more time and effort. So why do so when you can simply open up your computer at home?

The advent of smartphones has made things easier. You can listen to music and be online at the same time while in an airport or some far-off destination like Thailand.  As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’re free to place bets from anywhere. You can bet on the go or even at work – and with many bookies offering mobile slot games too, you’ve got immediate access to a range of ways to win money and enjoy yourself.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most online bookmakers have a selection of different bonuses and promotions on offer. In particular, they have special welcome offers to entice people to sign up. So rather than spend your own money, you have the opportunity to bet for free. (And if you’re a travel backpacker like me, saving money is always a benefit). And it’s not just the welcome offers that are appealing. Online bookies typically have a series of ongoing promotions at any given time, which you won’t find on offer in the shops. Plus, being nomadic, you aren’t able to get to a store or casino often.

Better Odds

In general, you’re likely to find better odds online than in store, thanks to the lower operating costs involved in running an online bookie. And rather than being restricted to the odds offered by one particular bookie, you have access to all the bookies at your fingertips. A quick search will find you the best price available for whichever selection you wish to back.

Bet online, and you’ll increase your earnings should you pick a winner.

In-play Betting

With odds constantly updated in real time, online bookies allow you to place bets once an event is underway. You can watch how things develop before deciding which outcome you think is most likely.

Stay Informed

When betting online, you also have access to the wealth of information available via the internet. You can read up on a horse’s form, check what online tipsters are saying and much more. Compared to betting at your local bookie, there’s more to help you make the right pick.


Picture your dream scenario, you’re on holiday already, the outsider you picked comes in and you’ve won a fortune. Do you really want to go around carrying that much cash while abroad? With an online bookie, you can securely transfer the funds into your bank account. Just make sure you use a reputable company when betting online.


Online betting exchanges have had a huge impact on the gambling world. Instead of taking the local bookie’s fixed price in a country you may not be familiar with, you can bet against other punters online at a betting exchange.
Exchanges also enable you to act as the bookie, offering prices on selections for others to bet on and paying out if they win, or keeping their stake if they lose. This represents a novel twist on the traditional method of simply backing your chosen outcome.

It Pays to Bet Online

With so many advantages to betting online, it often makes much more sense to do so, especially because technology and travel go hand in hand. But as always, just be sure to gamble sensibly, you need to keep some money spare to get home!

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