Check out the following famous Greece beaches:


Located in Milos, Sarakiniko beach seems like a movie set, or an otherworldly landscape. Brilliant stone arches frame sensible white sand, crystal blue waters, and a series of underwater caves. The entire landscape shaped by the marvelous volcanic rocks is bright white, that makes an exquisite contrast with the turquoise and deep blue waters. Moreover, it doesn’t have any signs of vegetation. Due to its fantastic scenery, you’ll want you stand on the moon’s surface. Once visiting Sarakiniko, don’t miss looking the sunset, and don’t forget to require your camera. Sarakiniko is believed to be the foremost photographed place within the sea. Sarakiniko is a wonderful place for snorkeling adventures close to the mysterious sunken shipwreck.

sarakinikoYou need to bring your own drinking water and snacks. Though, there’s A small shop at the start of the Sarakiniko beach wherever you’ll be able to purchase some food and water. If you would like to enjoy the sweetness of this unique beachs, i like to recommend you to urge there early within the morning. Though you’ll be able to notice the beach with the softer sand, topping restaurants, nice bars elsewhere within the Greek islands, Sarakiniko is certainly price visiting. You won’t regret seeing the changing colors of the water (from greenish to dark blue), white landscape and marvelous rock formations.


Off the coast of Lakonia, you’ll find the tiny, remote island of Elafonsios. And here, on this exotic escape, you’ll find another, even more hidden treasure. Past the postcard-perfect port and gentle sand dunes is the Simos beach. Powder white sand and water so transparent that it looks like glass make this one destination you won’t soon forget. Simos offers a wonderful swimming experience and it’s a perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. When the weather is windy, you can go windsurfing.

SimosSimos consists of two beautiful beaches, Mikros Simos and Megalos Simos. The longest beach in Elafonissos is Megalos Simos, and Mikros Simos is within a short walk from there. A narrow strip of soft white sand divides these spectacular beaches that boast turquoise, see-through waters and breathtaking scenery. Despite the large size of the Simos beach, sometimes it’s difficult to find parking and space to simply spread a towel, so make sure you get there early in the morning, especially during high season. Simos is ideal for people who love to go to the beach to see and be seen and who love to have lots of fun. It’s a well-organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, great beach bars and a few taverns nearby.


In Antipaxoi, you’ll realize Voutoumi beach, a small patch of soppy sand and turquoise waters encircled by lush green hills that stretch out the ocean. Since Antipaxos could be a little island with regarding sixty permanent residents, there are not any hotels and places to remain, however don’t let it stop you from visiting Voutoumi beach. It’s an earthly paradise! Spend the total day lying on the beach and exploring the beautiful underwater life, and have lunch at one in all the tiny restaurants or taverns serving fresh caught food. But keep in mind that this beach is not nudist-friendly. July is the best time to visit the Voutoumi Beach so you have enough time to save some money for your trip to Voutoumi beach.Voutoumi

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