Check out the following best beaches in Greece:

Best Beaches to Visit in Greece

Porto Katsiki

Perhaps one in all the foremost exciting beaches anyplace on the earth, Lefkada’s city Katsiki is not like the other place on Earth. With a near-constant breeze and delicate weather, it’s the steep rocks, jutting cliffs and mild white sand that create this place stand out. There are canteens and parking lots. Camping is typically prohibited and there’s no lodging. You will have to book a room in one of the best hotels on Lefkada or an apartment in one of the nearest villages such as Athani village.

Porto KatsikiPorto Katsiki offers a lot of of space for laying under the sun as well as for numerous water and beach activities such as sailing, swimming, and surfing. However, the beach is not the best place for snorkeling. The best time to visit Porto Katsiki, especially if you want to avoid crowds on the beach and on the roads, is during late May or early June.

Shipwreck Bay

In the 1960’s coastguard members mistakenly ran a cargo ship to shore in Zakynthos, believing it to be a drug runner. Today, the giant skeleton of a ship is still on the beach, near the cliffs that overlook the bay. A popular spot for swimmers, this is one of Greece’s most unusual beach spots worth visiting. However, the beach can be accessed only by boat.

This summer, I visited Shipwreck Bay and I was greatly impressed with the beauty of the beach. The water is amazingly transparent and warm so that it’s hard to stop swimming. The only disadvantage of visiting Shipwreck Bay is that it’s too overcrowded. I don’t prefer to share the beach with hundreds of people, but I really like this place because of its beauty.


If swimming, snorkeling and usually splashing concerning in attractive green blue water is your plan of heaven, then Vrika beach is that the way to go. Catch a ship on Corfu to the present sandy getaway, and you may not ever wish to leave. Vrika beach will be accessible solely by boat. You’ll access it with a water taxi or day-cruise from Paxos island or Parga within the ground.

VrikaVrika beach could be a rattling place to travel snorkeling. Whereas it doesn’t boast a rich underwater life, you may see several lovely fish and underwater rock formations. Visibility underwater is ideal. Vrika beach is sometimes overcrowded, thus certify you visit the beach as early within the morning as potential. Unfortunately, there aren’t any water sports offered on the Vrika beach, however I’m positive you may notice several other fascinating activities to do.

Ayia Eleni

If you’re traveling with a bunch, Ayia Eleni has one thing for everybody. Mountains, a view of the mainland, beach bars, restaurants, kayaking, pedal boats, and crystal clear water for swimming build this beach one among the most effective Greek beaches very price visiting.

Agia Eleni could be a romanitc beachs with a spectacular sunset and it’s simple to succeed in from the most road. If you’re designing your honeymoon, I extremely suggest considering Agia Eleni. Sure, the beach isn’t a luxury destination, however it’s everything for your romantic honeymoon. Personally I’m a large sunset lover, and Ayia Eleni is one among my favorite places wherever I will get pleasure from breathtakingly lovely and distinctive sunsets. I’ve been visiting the beach for over five years and that i hope to go to it once more next year.


Follow the winding road south from Zefyria for concerning five miles and you’ll discoverPaleochori. Underground volcanic activity keeps the water warm year-around, and beautiful cliffs during a myriad of colours look down on the sandy shore. The beach is calm and restful and it’s not huddled at all! once swimming, be very careful, as a result of it’s quite deep and also the waves is rough.

PaleochoriI can’t say that Paleochori is a perfect place for snorkeling due to poor visibility, though it has an abundant marine life. However, I can surely say that it’s a fantastic place to take sunrise and sunset pictures!

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