Traveling is one way to relax one’s mind from a busy work, hectic schedule and crowded urban place. It is also means that you must enjoy every second of it. There are a lot of activities that you can do while traveling especially when you’re going to a new place where there are a lot of new adventures available – walk climbing, paragliding, surfing, base jumping, animal encounters, concerts, sports events and going to a famous park and statues. These are one of the ways to relax and these are common but costly for travelers although it’s worthy at some point.

There are also other alternatives to be adventurous that you might not know and simply can be accessible any time.

Here are the other alternative activities to keep the adventures going.

• Read a good book


Including your favorite and new books in your luggage are essential when you’re going out for a vacation. You can read anywhere you are while traveling and waiting in the airport which can kill boredom especially when the content of the book is thrilling and adventurous. One of my favorite adventure books is “The Life of Pi” written by Yann Martel which also has a movie that was released last 2012. You can see on that movie what exciting story on this book is all about.

• Watch your favorite sports online

When you are a sports fan especially Football, you cannot stop talking about your favorite sport whenever you go. Sometimes while you are outside, you are not updated on the happening of the latest sports events. You can watch any of the games online through your smartphone or laptop. If you’re an avid fan of your favorite football team and likes to support them by betting, head over to William Hill website – where any football match around the world are available here. They also provide the odds of each team and all the schedules of the upcoming football competitions for you to take note.

• Watch a movie

As I have mentioned earlier, “The Life of Pi” is a good example of a book and has a version of movie lately. Watching movie while traveling is another way to enjoy your free time especially when there’s no scheduled activities. You can also learn from many movies about traveling which you may apply in to your next destination.

• Find a friend and tell stories


When you’re travelling alone, you can make friends anywhere you are. That’s an adventure for me especially when I learn a lot from that person whether its culture, foods, places and other. Of course, you must also know the person very well before sharing stories to him/her so that you must know his/her intention. Making friend is adventurous and some of them can be a long term friendship.

Featured Image by Clément Belleudy under cc license


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