One of the foremost secluded and mysterious national parks in India is the Campbell Bay parkland.set on the Nicobar Islands, it had been notified as a parkland in as recent as 1992 that additionally enclosed it within the nice Nicobar region Reserve. About 190 kilometers from Sumatra in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean, Campbell Bay National Park covers an area of 426 square kilometers. This park is separated by a buffer zone of a stretch of forest land twelve kilometers wide referred to as the Galathea parkland. Simply reaching to the parkland could be a journey one can keep in mind for days to return. Thick tropical evergreen forests and tree ferns dominate the landscape with stunning orchids for an exquisite photography expertise. Mangrove forests have their unique ecosystems that augment the made ecosystem of the parkland.

Since the parkland is ready within the island of the Indian Ocean, one has to government operated helicopter service, Pawan Hans from the capital, Port Blair. You’ll additionally board the boat and ferry services from Port statesman, a unique and unforgettable trip in itself, as you scan through the mighty waters. As birds favor this paradise, on reaching there, you’ll perch yourself a top one among the various watchtowers or machans and observe the pristine fantastic thing about the park whereas recognizing a number of the avian life.

Climatic conditions

The climate at Campbell Bay parkland is hot and wet although it’s moderate temperatures compared with most elements of the country with the mercury touching 31 degrees C within the summer months and twenty degrees C within the winters. Tourists are suggested to wear light-weight cotton garments appropriate for the torrid climatic conditions.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to this parkland in between the months of March and October once the weather is at its most pleasant and orchids additionally as alternative wild flowers are in bloom. This can be the time once the otherwise already lovely park is at its best.

Wildlife at Campbell Bay National Park

Rich in aquatic life, Campbell National Park has some distinctive flora and fauna for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Some species found at this park are introduced.

Wildlife that may be noticed here embody the Crab-eating Macaque, the Megapode, The Giant Robber crab and the Nicobar Pigeon. One also can see ridley turtles additionally as Leatherback turtle Turtles, Wild Boar, cervid and Civet cats. Tree ferns and orchids are in abundance here.


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