Breathtaking sculptures, fantastic paintings, and lots of different shocking stuff you will simply realize in these seven best museums in New York. Not solely tourists, but even the locals enjoy exploring their sacred halls. No matter whether you’re interested in modern art, old masters’ work, surrealism, Expressionism, or historical objects, I’m sure this list of the following best museums you want to visit in New York can help you realize something you actually love.


MoMA: Museum of Modern Art

If you’re a good fan of modern art, this museum is right for you. With its inspiring pieces and abstract lines, the Museum Art has something to provide each traveller. Not solely is that the Museum of Modern Art one amongst the foremost common museums in New York, however it’s additionally far-famed within the whole world. MoMA is a tremendous museum that focuses on spectacular exhibitions of modern art. It boasts a beautiful architectural construction, that may be a nice marvel. Moreover, there are several marvelous restaurants, cozy cafes and wonderful shops.

Metropolitan Museum

Not solely is that the Metropolitan Museumone amongst the simplest museums in New York, it’s one amongst the foremost common attractions additionally. The museum has nineteen totally different departmentsand also the assortment of two million art works. Guests will forever see the new shows and exhibitions and enjoy the old ones. You’ll have a chance to see works from the European masters, Ancient Egyptian pieces, contemporary and old American, and many more. If you’re getting to visit the Metropolitan Museum, ensure you have got many free time. I extremely suggest you to spend the complete day during this fantastic museum. you’ll have a delicious brunch within the nearest restaurant and have an memorable dinner in the restaurant of the museum to the soundtracks of the popular local band.


American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the best museums everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Although this museum is perfect for history junkies, there’s something for everyone, even if you have never been interested in art pieces, artifacts, or historical facts. I’m not interested in history, it’s true, but I love visiting this place every time I come to NYC. The museum boasts around 124 million objects. From personal experience I can say that there are plenty of fantastic things to see, from unique exhibitions, imagining technologies, to out of this world space shows. You won’t regret you spend the whole day in the American Museum of Natural History.

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