Welcome to Playa Jipolit, a beautiful gem tucked away on the southern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. Also known as “The beach of the Dead” because of the strong Pacific waters, this beach offers a unique experience unlike any other.

Why Playa Zipolit?

Playa Zipolit is not your everyday beach. It touches a warm and mysterious personality, giving you more than just an innate appeal. Created by the spirit of Bohemia, and defined by its vibrant golden sands that stretch for a mile against the intoxicating Pacific ocean – this is a place that demands to impress and admire.

The sea here itself is spectacular. The bright blue lines are a permanent stage for the rhythmic dance of the Pacific’s big waves.

Your Guide to Reaching Playa Zipolite Beach

How to Get to Playa Zipolite Beach

Air Travel to Playa Zipolite Beach

Getting to Playa Zipolite Beach by air involves flying into either Huatulco International Airport (HUX) or Puerto Escondido International Airport (PXM). Both airports serve as gateways to the stunning coastlines of Oaxaca.

To find the best flight options:

  • Check multiple airlines for competitive prices.
  • Consider layovers as they can significantly reduce the ticket price.
  • Book in advance to snag early bird specials.

Popular airlines serving these routes include:

  • Aeromexico
  • Volaris
  • Interjet

Local Transportation Overview

When exploring the richness of Oaxaca and Playa Zipolite, your transportation choices include:

  • Buses: Economical and reliable, but slower.
  • Taxis: More expensive but offer door-to-door service.
  • Car Rentals: Offer freedom and flexibility for an adventurous spirit.

Navigating can be thrilling, yet straightforward. Just remember:

  • Have a map or GPS
  • Verify rates before embarking.

Bus Travel to Playa Zipolite Beach

By bus, you can enjoy the scenic routes of Mexico on your way to Playa Zipolite. From the airports or major cities like Oaxaca City:

  • Expect travel costs to range from budget-friendly to moderate.
  • Schedules vary, check in advance for specific timings.
  • Typical trips may last a few hours to half a day.

Insider tip: Selecting a first-class bus line can offer more comfort and safety features.

Taxi Services to Playa Zipolite Beach

For a taxi ride to Zipolite:

  • Confirm the approximate fare before departure.
  • Travel times can vary based on your starting location.
  • Always use official taxi services for safety.

Taxi etiquette includes:

  • Negotiating the fare
  • Having small bills for payment.

Car Rental Information

Renting a car? Here’s what you need to know:

  • International drivers can typically use their license in Mexico.
  • Be aware of local traffic regulations and road conditions.
  • Parking in Zipolite is limited, plan accordingly.

Shuttle Services and Other Travel Options

For those preferring a direct route:

  • Airport shuttles offer set schedules and fares.
  • Alternative options like private transfers or ride-sharing services may provide added comfort.

Compare the convenience and cost to make the best travel decision for you.

Journey from the Airport to Playa Zipolite Beach

When you land:

  1. Choose your transportation based on time, cost, and comfort.
  2. If renting a car, complete paperwork and inspect the vehicle before heading out.
  3. For buses and shuttles, confirm stops and departure times.

They can be held at Playa Jipolit Beach

Beach Activities


Despite being nicknamed the “Beach of the Dead” due to strong currents, Playa Zipolit can appeal to swimmers for caution The northern end near Hotel Shambhala is usually safe for swimming.

Sun bathing

Playa Jipolit is known for its generous sunbathing culture. Look out for well-worn areas, including the nude sunbathing section. Apply a mask and eco-friendly sunscreen to your skin.

Surfing the race

For surfers, Playa Zipolit shows its appeal at its best in the dry season. Visit surf shops like Villas Mycondo for rooms or surf lessons.


Beach-front wellness retreats like Yoga Studio and YogaLoft Playa offer classes and workshops for people of all skill levels.

Where to Stay in Playa Zipolite Beach

Types of Accommodations Available


Resorts in Playa Zipolite offer extensive amenities, including swimming pools, beachside service, spa facilities, and on-site dining.


You can find a range of hotel options, from boutique havens to affordable, standard lodgings, fitting varying travel styles and budgets.


Staying in a guesthouse can offer a more personal and immersive local experience, with quaint decor and warm, personalized service.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals, like apartments or villas, offer privacy, a feeling of homeliness, and the convenience to cook your own meals.


A range of hostels caters to budget travelers and solo explorers, offering cost-effective beds and a communal atmosphere.

Top Picks for Every Budget


For a lavish stay, properties like Alquimista Beach Resort and El Noga Beach Hotel offer sea views, private pools, and fine dining.


Properties like Casa Cometa and Casa Kalinda merge affordability with style, offering the best bang for your buck.


Hostels like La Loma Linda and Shalom House are top-rated for their clean facilities, friendly environment, and affordable price.

What to Consider When Booking

Best Time to Book

Travel prices are high during Christmas and Easter. Book months in advance during peak times, but feel free to last minute book during low seasons.

Location Considerations

While beachfront places offer stunning views, inland stays may be quieter. Your choice should sync with your needs—seclusion, convenience, or adventure.

Duration of Stay

A week-long stay usually gives a well-rounded experience. Length of stay may also depend on the booking terms of the accommodation.

Insider Tips on Booking Accommodations

Bargaining Tips

In off-peak season or for longer stays, politely asking for a discount could work especially in guesthouses or vacation rentals.

Avoiding Hidden Charges

Scan the details for any additional costs like services fees or cleaning fees and confirm these aspects before booking.

Safety and Security

Prioritize accommodations with good security measures, positive reviews, and safe locations—be it secluded or crowded.

Sustainable Stays

Look for properties that take steps towards sustainability, like waste management, renewable power sources, and eco-friendly practices.

Special Considerations


For travelers with mobility issues, check with properties about facilities like ramps, elevators, or specially equipped rooms.

Pet-Friendly Options

Some accommodations welcome your furry friends, but with possibly additional charges or restrictions.


If traveling with children, look for family-oriented amenities like cribs, kid’s club, or babysitting services.

Book Direct Vs. Third-Party Booking Sites

Third-party sites offer comparative insights, but direct bookings may yield better rates or more flexible booking terms. Scrutinize cancellation policies and read reviews to secure the best deal.

Why we love Playa Zipolit beach: Top reasons

Isolated receptive climate

Nickname of Playa Zipolit: “The beach of the dead”.

Despite the ominous nickname, “Beach of the Dead”, Playa Jipolit is a beautiful beach known for its great waves. This theme reflects the power of the beach and reminds us to respect the strength of the ocean.

Developing inclusive communities

Playa Zipolit has a welcoming and inclusive vibe. It attracts a diverse crowd and creates a strong sense of belonging for tourists and locals alike.

The hippie heritage

Starting out as a hidden gem for hippies in the 1960s, Playa Gipolit has become a recognized tourist destination. Despite its growth, it retains an unmistakable hippie flair, setting it apart from other destinations.

Freedom and liberty

The freedom to be yourself is the hallmark of Playa Jipolit. Its status as one of the few nude beaches in Mexico symbolizes this sense of freedom, which contributes greatly to the serene atmosphere of the area.

The Natural Setting and Scenic Beauty

Unspoiled Landscapes

Playa Zipolite boasts pristine beaches and lush hinterlands, presenting an unspoiled natural paradise for visitors to explore.

Breathtaking Sunsets

The beach is a prime spot for witnessing breathtaking sunsets, with several vantage points offering unparalleled views that captivate visitors.

Connection with Nature

Local preservation efforts aim to maintain the beach’s natural beauty. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the environment responsibly, ensuring that Playa Zipolite remains a haven for future generations.

The Friendly Locals and Cultural Richness

Warm Hospitality

The residents of Playa Zipolite are known for their warm hospitality, often sharing stories and insights that enrich the visitor experience.

Cultural Fusion

The beach represents a melting pot of indigenous, Mexican, and international influences, creating a rich cultural tapestry that is both vibrant and unique.

Community Events and Festivals

Playa Zipolite hosts numerous festivals, markets, and gatherings that reflect the area’s traditions and contemporary cultural expressions, inviting visitors to partake in community life.

Uniqueness of Playa Zipolite Beach

Status as a Designated Nude Beach

As one of Mexico’s designated nude beaches, Playa Zipolite offers a unique cultural aspect that influences the beach’s overall atmosphere, promoting a sense of freedom and acceptance.

Preservation of the Hippie Vibe

The influences of the hippie era remain palpable in Playa Zipolite, from alternative lifestyles to eco-friendly practices, preserving the beach’s original charm and ethos.

Comparison with Other Mexican Beaches

Unlike more commercialized or mainstream Mexican beaches, Playa Zipolite stands out for its authentic character, offering a distinct experience focused on simplicity and natural beauty.

Sustainable and Eco-conscious Travel

Eco-friendly Initiatives

Playa Zipolite is home to various environmental efforts aimed at sustainability. These initiatives invite visitors to contribute to the preservation of the beach’s natural environment, promoting eco-conscious travel practices that ensure Playa Zipolite remains a beautiful and vibrant destination for years to come.


In conclusion, the beaches of Playa Zipolit in Mexico offer a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture and welcoming community. Its appeal lies in its tranquil climate, which is reflected in its nickname, “Coast of the Dead,” which pays homage to the power of the sea. The beach is praised for its compliment and acceptance of all people, promoting tourists and locals from all walks of life. Also, its scenic beauty with its pristine landscapes and breathtaking sunsets provides a wonderful destination for nature lovers. A mixture of Indigenous and Mexican and international influences, warm-hearted locals and vibrant community gatherings further enhance the cultural richness of the area Development is a key focus here, with businesses a variety of eco-friendly species that encourage visitors to tread gently. Whether you’re looking for a casual getaway or an opportunity to join a diverse community, Playa Zipolit Beach is a place worth considering. Come and experience the magic of Playa Zipolit…it’s a trip you won’t soon forget.

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