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Best Reasons to Park and Fly

  If you’ve ever flown before, you know what kind of a headache getting to the airport can be. It doesn’t matter if you have a fantastic trip all planned out or if you have a dreaded business trip, the whole ‘airport issue’ is enough to drive you mad. Can’t you just get to your [...]

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Top Sites for Camping in Canada

In countries all over the world camping has become a favourite way to vacation, particularly among city-dwellers looking to get away from the hustle and enjoy the beauty of nature. In Canada camping is especially revered as a national pastime for everyone from families to hardcore outdoorsmen. Across the country, Canadians head out to enjoy [...]

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Food Festivals Worth Travelling For

Food is an important part of travel for most people. We want our resorts to have the best dining options or we want to check out great restaurants and local cuisine in the cities we visit. But what about the really serious foodies?  Where do you go when food is the reason you travel? For [...]

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Supernatural Sightseeing

Personally, I’m terrified of ghosts. I think they’re the scariest. Aliens, I’m kind of okay with. And serial killer/slasher horror falls somewhere in between on the spectrum of scary. But obsession with the supernatural runs strong in many people and there is plenty of fascination with the haunted and the macabre to inspire horror-infused travel [...]

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Animal Encounters

Most people love animals (unless they’ve had some traumatic experience that ruined animals for them, or they are very allergic). Here are a few destinations for animal lovers who want a true animal encounter. African Safari – One of the best ways to see all your favourite animals is on safari in Africa. For surprisingly [...]

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Top Three Places to Blow All Your Money

When most people plan to travel they save up money, draw up a budget and look for travel deals, seat sales and discounts to help them get the most out of their travel dollars. For a few privileged individuals, however, money is no object. This one’s for you, rich people. Here are the top three [...]

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Fear of Flying

I have noticed that over time I have become more, not less, afraid of flying. When I first started flying I wasn’t afraid at all, not even when the plane hit turbulence or made a bumpy landing. But I have found that with each flight I become more and more tense; I jump at every [...]

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Mykonos Nightlife

Touring the Greek Islands is a dream for many travellers that promises a glimpse of ancient history as well as a hearty helping of modern Greek hospitality. Mykonos is the jewel of the Cyclades a perfect tourist destination, with its perfect beaches and rich history (particularly on the nearby island of Delos). But in between [...]

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Osaka’s Shopping Hotspots

Shopping is often called the national pastime of Japan. Tokyo is the real hub for retail action in Japan, but should you find yourself looking for some worthwhile shopping in outlying Osaka, you will not be disappointed. The following is a list of top spots for shopping in Osaka that will please any great globe-trotting [...]

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Pets and Travel

I’m going to say this, and you’re not going to like it: Pets and travel do not mix. It’s a shame, because we all love our pets. I have often lamented that I cannot bring my cat with me everywhere, but she’d probably be upset if I tried to cram her into my purse and [...]

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